Bigg Boss OTT 2 Day 5 Highlights: Akanksha Puri gets tagged as ‘sabse fake’ by Bigg Boss; New task stirs up arguments in the house

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Credit: Instagram @officialjiocinemaIn the controversial house of Bigg Boss OTT, each day unravels with a fresh series of captivating events—filled with dramatic encounters, heartfelt emotions, and unforeseen twists. The housemates always find themselves either fighting or witnessing relationships taking intriguing turns, and undergoing rigorous tests at every corner. Tonight’s episode turned out to be no less drama!

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Avinash Sachdev’s unreasonable drama

Counting the episode, being the Day 5, the episode begins with Avinash starting with his customary morning rituals. He discovers something unusual though, his towel was attached with a clip and a hairpin. He find this weird and sets out to figure out whom did the hair clip belong to. Aaliya adamantly denies its ownership, despite Pooja asserting that she had given the clip to Aaliya. Avinash loses his calm and ends up breaking the clip in a surge of rage. Next what he does is tearing the towel apart, stating it belonged to him but now he won’t use it as someone tried to play a prank like this with him.

Pooja Bhatt turns into Love Guru for Palak Purswani & Avinash Sachdev

pooja bhatt at bigg boss ott season 2
Credit: Instagram @officialjiocinema

In a bid to restore harmony between Avinash Sachdev and Palak Purswani, Pooja Bhatt takes up the role of a peacemaker, extending her guidance to Palak. Recognizing th significance of Palak’s journey within the house of Bigg Boss OTT, Pooja explains the need to embrace the experience wholeheartedly, and that one should not come under the influence of others.

With heartfelt words, Pooja also tells  Palak to let go of her past and cherish the present, allowing herself to grow. Her gesture towards Palak, was extremely sweet and soothing. However, Palak is seen mentioning the fact that she finds it extremely difficult to live under the same roof as that of Avinash but still wishes the best for him.

Let’s see how long does these two estranged lovers maintain their distance and calm in the house!

Love is in the air?

The house is witnessing some romance brewing up. The duo Akanksha Puri and Jad Hadid are seen having a light banter, exchanging playful comments where Jad, cutely compliments Akanksha, “Aap toh ache dikh rahe ho aaj!”

However, the situation takes a 360° turn when Jiya Shankar offers Jad a taste of the sandwich she prepared for breakfast. Seizing the opportunity, Jad responds in jest, asking, “Should I have a bite of you or a bite of your sandwich?” With a mischievous grin, he pretends to playfully bite her in her hand.

Akanksha’s ‘will survive without ration’ drama

In a surprising turn of events, Bigg Boss OTT assumed a new role within the house today. A discussion about limited food supplies led to Akanksha Puri’s selfless act of offering her own meal to Avinash, empathizing with his scarce food intake. She even expressed her willingness to go without any ration for an entire week to ensure others wouldn’t suffer from hunger—a genuine display of concern!

However, Bigg Boss OTT accused her of being fake, asserting that there was enough food for everyone. Expressing disappointment, Bigg Boss OTT claimed that Akanksha’s actions were merely a ploy to seek attention from the viewers.

New task! New fight?

Consequently, a new task was introduced by Bigg Boss OTT. All the contestants were required to name two individuals whom they deemed to be fake within the house. The contestants with the highest votes would face the consequence of being sent to jail. But here’s the twist! Bigg Boss OTT offered the audience an opportunity to vote for the two fake contestants as well. If both the housemates’ and the audience’s choices align, the prize money for the house would double. However, in the event of mismatched choices, the prize money would be reduced to zero!

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