Bigg Boss OTT 2 Updates Episode14: Abhishek Malhan Declare As New Captain of the House


Big boss OTT 2 is entertaining the audiences with it’s everyday high-voltage drama. The 13th episode of Bigg Boss OTT 2 was no less!

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Bigg Boss OTT 2 Updates, Day 13


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Bigg Boss OTT 2 Updates: Youtuber Abhishek Malhan New Captain of The Day

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Updates Youtuber Abhishek Malhan New Captain of The Day

The episode kicks off with a vibrant dance session in the garden to start the day on a lively note. The contestants are then assigned a dare task by Bigg Boss, where they are divided into Team A and Team B. Team A consists of Pooja, Bebika, Cyrus, and Falaq, while Team B comprises Akanksha, Jad, Abhi, and Manisha. Both teams go head-to-head, competing against each other to complete the task.

In the task, Team A holds the authority to assign challenges to Team B, who must accomplish them. Akanksha and Falaq act as the sanchalaks from the opposite teams for this task. Cyrus proposes a swimming challenge to the opposing team, utilizing the garden as a makeshift pool.

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Jad, Abhi, and Akanksha exhibit their swimming skills admirably, successfully completing the dare. Avinash assumes the role of the speaker and presents Akanksha with a dare to kiss Jad. As part of a dare, Akanksha willingly agrees to kiss Jad for a duration of 30 seconds. Before engaging in a French kiss, she playfully pecks Jad on the cheek. Jad humorously teases Akanksha about her kissing abilities, prompting Pooja to intervene and advise against making such comments.

Moving forward with the tasks, as per Team A’s instructions, Team B is challenged to consume four raw eggs, with Akanksha effortlessly completing the task, leaving Team B feeling worried.

Falaq is then seen giving a fun dare to allΒ  the girls of Team B to bring their own makeup kits and apply it to the boys of their team. However, Bebika expresses her objection to the idea. A discussion ensues among the housemates regarding the nature of the dares, and Jiya firmly declines the challenge of eating three spoons of chili. Falaq presents a challenge to Abhi, asking him to eat a raw bottle gourd, which sparks an argument with Jad. Falaq clarifies that the vegetable is harmless and poses no risk.

Next in, Pooja assigns AbhishekΒ  Malhan the task of flipping slips and making the bed. He is successful in completing the task and we also see Manisha constantly motivating him throughout!

Falaq then instructs Team B to temporarily discard their makeup, while Pooja proposes the idea of lending it to Team A for a period of three days.SBwitching Roles: Team B Takes Charge!

Now, the tables had turned because it was Team B’s turn to challenge Team A with dares. Team B gives a dare to Bebika where she has to apologize to each member of their team. She will have to do with a touch of drama while Abhi and Pooja will guide her into this.

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In a surprising twist, Bigg Boss assigns Abhi a covert mission to uncover ten instances of rule violations during Jad’s captaincy by the following afternoon.

Abhi openly shares his aspiration to become the captain but expresses uncertainty about the most appropriate approach to achieve his goal. Manisha, displaying her strategic mindset, advises her team to persuade Jad to save one of them in the event of him becoming the captain.

Without wasting a moment, Abhishek immediately reports the first rule break as soon as he steps out of the room, which involves Cyrus and Pooja engaging in an English conversation. Abhi remains vigilant and meticulously documents multiple instances where Bebika, Cyrus, and Pooja are found conversing in English, totaling seven rule breaks.

Bigg Boss unveils a surprising revelation that a housemate successfully undertook a secret task to identify rule breaks, impressively spotting seven of them within a mere hour. In light of this revelation, Jad is stripped of his captaincy, and Abhi is bestowed with the honor of becoming the new captain of the Bigg Boss House. Members of Team A express their concerns regarding the fairness of having someone who violated the rules now being responsible for enforcing them, prompting a discussion on the matter.

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