Bigg Boss OTT 2 Updates: Aaliya Siddiqui, Ex-Wife of Nawazuddin siddiqui gets evicted From Salman Khan Show in Midweek


Day 11 of Bigg Boss OTT 2, starts with an energizing song that awakens the housemates. They gather in the garden area and dance, setting a lively tone for the day. However, as we know the ritual of the house, a peaceful morning is turned into a battleground!

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Updates: Aaliya Siddiqui, Ex-Wife of Nawazuddin siddiqui gets evicted From Salman Khan Show in Midweek
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Bigg Boss OTT 2: Mid-Week Eviction Updates

During breakfast, tensions rise as Bebika Dhurve takes offense to a comment. She gets into a heated argument with Aaliya Siddiqui. The former accuses the latter of being an unfair manager. Adding to the conflict, Pooja Bhatt supports Bebika’s viewpoint and criticizes Aaliya for allegedly displaying ‘two-faced’ behaviour. Just as the tension escalates, Bigg Boss intervenes and calls all the housemates to the living area, teasing something special awaiting them.

As the housemates eagerly anticipate Bigg Boss’s announcement, the revelation of a mid-week elimination creates a ripple of astonishment throughout the house. Everyone is left contemplating which contestant will be the unfortunate one to say goodbye before the completion of the week itself. Bigg Boss emphasizes that the decision rests with both the audience, known as the Janta, and the housemates themselves. He directs them to deliberate and collectively decide whether Aaliya Siddiqui or Jiya Shankar should be eliminated. The weight of this responsibility bears down on them as they engage in passionate discussions to reach a verdict.

Pooja stands her ground, firmly stating her preference vote out for Aaliya. In solidarity, the rest of the members from team black unite and cast their votes against Aaliya. As a result of the majority vote, Aaliya marked her exit from the house, leaving the housemates in anticipation of the Janta’s decision. Aaliya is seen getting emotional yet she mentions that she isn’t someone who is weak. Bigg Boss later confirms her eviction and housemates then say their goodbyes to the now ex-contestant.

After the sudden eviction, Akanksha and Abhi engage in a conversation discussing Pooja’s tendency to impose her opinions on others. Jiya can be seen agreeing to this.

In the episode we witness Bebika’s accusation of Manisha’s diplomatic behavior and her declaration of starting a game. Manisha becomes even more infuriated. As a result, Manisha makes the decision to end their friendship and firmly states her inability to cook alongside Bebika in the kitchen. Despite her tearful state, Manisha courageously continues making rotis.

Upon Falaq informing Bebika about the hurt caused to Manisha by her comments, Bebika defends herself by expressing her frustration with Manisha’s diplomatic behavior. Unexpectedly, the sirens blare, and the message “rule break” appears on the screen, leaving the housemates perplexed. Bigg Boss tasks Avinash Sachdev with reading the rules aloud and urges the contestants to identify the individuals who violated the rules. While Abhi and Jiya accept their mistake of discussing nominations, Akanksha continues to feign ignorance. Consequently, Bigg Boss directly nominates Abhishek, Jiya, and Akanksha for eviction this week as a consequence of their actions.

While the housemates speculate that Jiya, Abhi, and Akanksha had been planning their elimination for a while, Jad Hadid clarifies that they had only started discussing it recently, around 2-3 days ago. Jad then takes the initiative to talk to Manisha, urging her to resolve her differences with Bebika.

Influenced by Jad’s advice, Manisha approaches Bebika in the garden area, hoping to resolve their issues. However, Bebika dismissively remarks that people befriend her because of her large fanbase. Feeling hurt by Bebika’s response, Manisha decides to leave the place, acknowledging that their bond will never be the same. She seeks solace with Jiya and Abhi, who console her and express their opinion that Bebika isn’t a good friend.

And thus, the episode of Bigg Boss OTT 2 on comes to an end. Stay tuned with us for daily updates on Bigg Boss OTT 2!

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