Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in Packaged Foods


Food is essential for everyone’s survival and will be there as long as humanity exists. That’s one reason to look for the best paying jobs in packaged foods. The packaged food industry employs people in various positions, from entry-level to management. There are many sectors nowadays, and you should be ecstatic to work in the packaged food sector. Packaged food workers are usually patient and kind, owing to their line of work.

Most people would regard obtaining one of the highest-paying positions in packaged foods as a dream come true. Working in the food industry allows you to start your own company or work for a multinational corporation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment in the packaged food business is projected to rise. And individuals wanting to obtain good Packaged Food Money Making Jobs will be pleased by this news.

There are several advantages to working in the packaged food sector. You can also negotiate your salary, location, and schedule while working here. In addition, this market provides career development for individuals with a passion for service. The benefits of employment in the packaged foods sector are endless. Without exception, anybody can join this industry and serve others if they have a desire to do so.

Individuals seeking a career in the packaged food sector will find this helpful overview. This list of best paying jobs in packaged foods will give you all you need to know about the industry.

List of Best Paying jobs in Packaged Foods Industry

Best Paying Jobs in Packaged Foods

Here are some of the best paying jobs you can apply for from many job options in this industry.

1. Food Taster: Average Salary: $36,136

Food Taster- Best Paying Jobs in Packaged Foods

The food taster job position is one of the most rewarding professions in the packaged food industry. A food taster is responsible for eating or drinking meals prepared by someone else to verify that all sauce, taste, and ingredients are in place, then offer feedback to the industry or restaurant.

You must have a degree in food science, be a professional taster of foods, and hold a training certificate to work as a food taster. Food testers earn an average salary of $36,136 per year on average. The reason why it’s one of the best paying jobs in packaged foods is that you don’t need to have any extra specializations.

2. Flavorist: Average Salary: $80,000- $150, 000

Flavorist - Best Paying Jobs in Packaged Foods

Flavorists combine their knowledge of essential oils, natural and synthetic compounds, and other ingredients to develop flavor recipes. These formulas are used by food and beverage businesses to develop new items and improve existing ones.

This profession entails sensory development focusing on long-lasting taste profiles, allergy safety, and appeal across a broad range of consumers. You’re also in charge of performing research in compliance with the US Food and Drug Administration’s diet and safety standards regarding allergies.

3. Refrigeration Engineer: Average Salary: $78,000 -$107,500

Refrigeration Engineer - Best Paying Jobs in Packaged Foods

Freezing technicians are experts in preparing and installing freezing systems. Refrigeration engineers are responsible for devising and implementing sophisticated refrigeration systems in restaurants, hospitals, warehouses, trucks, and trailers. You must first figure out what type of cooling system you require and how to create it so that it meets your clients’ demands.

Having all the technical knowledge is a leverage and can help you gain further experience along with raise. This is why it’s among the best paying jobs in packaged foods industry.

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4. Food and Beverage Cost Analyst: Average Salary: $52,000 -$75,000

Food and Beverage Cost Analyst - Best Paying Jobs in Packaged Foods

A food and beverage cost analyst are responsible for analyzing food and beverage production costs. They also develop methods to reduce these costs while maintaining quality. A bachelor’s degree in business administration or accounting is usually required for this position.

Experience working in the food and beverage industry is also a plus. Food and beverage cost analysts earn an average salary of $52,000 to $75,000 per year.

5. Food Safety Director: Average Salary: $42,500-$106,000/year

Food Safety Director - Best Paying Jobs in Packaged Foods

Food safety officers ensure that all food safety and hygiene regulations are followed in large food manufacturing or production facilities. They also do spot checks, audits, and other auditing duties, as well as monitor the performance of everyone involved.

Hiring and training new inspectors and other quality assurance personnel to help with facility inspections and producing comprehensive reports are among your responsibilities. Using their findings, figure out how to keep safe or improve facility standards.

6. Food Safety Manager: Salary: $53,000-$84,500/year

Food Safety Manager - Best Paying Jobs in Packaged Foods

As a food safety manager, you ensure that the meals your workers prepare are safe. Your primary duty is to ensure that your business’s food is safe. You are responsible for monitoring production and packaging, examining storage areas, assuring that employees follow necessary food safety measures, reporting issues to operational or facility managers, etc.

It’s part of the job. Food safety managers are employed in food processing factories, schools, hospitals, and other major food enterprises. It’s one of the reputed as well as best paying jobs in packaged foods industry.

7. Broiler Manager: Average Salary: $37,500 to $68,500

Broiler Manager - Best Paying Jobs in Packaged Foods

Broiler farmers manage the broilers on the poultry farm and ensure that staff complies with all operating standards. The broiler manager must examine and maintain production records or reports. Managing operating budgets, as well as training other broiler supervisors and employees, might be additional tasks.

A bachelor’s degree is required for this position, but employers may also look favorably upon applicants with farm experience or specialized equipment.

8. Food Technologist: $49,000 to $67,000 annually

Food Technologist - Best Paying Jobs in Packaged Foods

Food companies employ food technicians to create new meals or improve existing goods. Your tasks and responsibilities might include:

  • Developing meals that satisfy established criteria.
  • Improving shelf life.
  • Investigating new trends and ingredients.
  • Researching consumer comments.
  • Ensuring product packaging’s accuracy.
  • Performing manufacturing process quality assurance inspections.

With experience you gain higher salary and that’s one of the prime reasons why it’s one of the best paying jobs in packaged foods.

9. Ammonia Refrigeration Technician: Average Salary: $47,500-$65,000

Ammonia Refrigeration Technician - Best Paying Jobs in Packaged Foods

As an Ammonia Refrigeration Technician, you’ll operate, test, and maintain ammonia refrigerating and freezing equipment such as pumps, condensers, compressor evaporators, valves, and other utility system components. It is among top 10 best paying jobs in packaged foods. Water treatment methods, as well as the chemicals and pumps required for them, must be controlled. You’ll need to disassemble, repair, and reassemble a wide range of chillers to keep up with manufacturing deadlines. Other responsibilities include:

  • Replacing broken valves and fan motors.
  • Adjusting equipment settings to meet customer demands.
  • Removing ice buildup.

You must submit daily reports to your supervisor while coordinating with several contractors, electricians, and pipe installers.

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10. Research and Development Manager: $72,000 to $118,000

Research and Development Manager - Best Paying Jobs in Packaged Foods

An R&D manager is among the top best paying jobs in packaged foods. As a research and development manager, you will lead a team of scientists and engineers in developing new food products. Your duties will include:

  • Managing the research and development budget.
  • Overseeing the product development process.
  • Coordinating with marketing and sales departments to ensure that new products meet customer needs.
  • Presenting new product ideas to company executives.


So, what are the best paying jobs in packaged foods? It’s no surprise that executive roles top the list, but there are also several other high-paying positions. These were great options to consider if you’re looking for a career in packaged foods. As long as you have the requirement for the job you are applying for, getting the job will become easier.

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