Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in Miscellaneous in United States

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Before heading to the best paying jobs in miscellaneous, let’s figure out what are included in this kind of jobs.

What Are Miscellaneous Jobs?

Miscellaneous jobs are often known as odd jobs. These are basically the job roles that do not fit within a specific category of jobs. These are very unique jobs that people rarely know about. Such job neither have a routine and nor require a highly specialized skill set. In the modern times, people are open to experimenting with careers and therefore are looking for distinct, varied and creative job opportunities which are why there has been a significant rise in the miscellaneous job sector. At present, there are more than 1 million miscellaneous job opportunities available in the United States of America which makes it one of the fastest growing employment sector which is less boring and more engaging as compared to the mainstream employment sector. Let’s dig the skills to get best paying job in miscellaneous.

What skills are required to get some of the best paying jobs in miscellaneous?

Best Paying Jobs in Miscellaneous

If an individual wants to land some of the best paying jobs in the miscellaneous sector, there are numerous skills that one should have under his or her belt. Generally, such skills include:

  • Flexibility in term of accepting work related tasks
  • Efficient Communication skills and convincing skills 
  • Appropriate Digital literacy skills
  • Data analytical skills and knowledge 
  • Problem-solving skills and techniques 
  • Creativity regarding diverse tasks
  • Diligence, rigor and  determination 

What and how much do Miscellaneous Jobs Pay?

While many people are apprehensive about taking up miscellaneous as a career path, the substantial salary amount act as a huge convincing factor. According to several global surveys, the approximate annual salary for a miscellaneous worker or an employee is around USD 52,589 per year or USD 25 per hour. The average salary ranges significantly and some of the best paying jobs in the field pay up to USD 90,000. This suggests that many chances and opportunities for advancement growth in the sector. 

List of best paying jobs in miscellaneous

1. Casino Manager

Casino Manager

The primary role of a bingo or casino manager is to manage events and everyday functioning of a casino or a bingo hall. This also includes ensuring and handling compliance with federal as well as state gaming laws, approving of the jackpots, and managing client concerns, issues and complaints. It is very happening and among best paying jobs in miscellaneous.

Average National Salary: USD 49,176 per year

2. Bereavement Coordinator 

Bereavement Coordinator 

The primary responsibility of a bereavement coordinator is to help families of terminally ill individuals or deceased individuals to handle and manage everything from paperwork to funeral services in an appropriate manner in accordance with the law. The bereavement coordinators mainly work in either nursing homes or hospitals. Bereavement coordinators is a best paying jobs in Miscellaneous.

Average National Salary:  USD 57,000 per year

3. Stenocaptioner 

Setenocaptioner is a one of the primary best paying jobs in miscellaneous. The primary responsibility of a Stenocaptioner or stenographer is to take notes in courts or political parties. The note making is mainly of the important speeches for the future record. It is a sophisticated job that requires attention to detail and therefore offers a substantial pay. 

Average National Salary: USD 55,000 per year

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4. Art Therapist 

Art Therapist 

The primary responsibility of an Art therapist is to efficiently blend and combines art with psychological therapy to aid patients heal as well as ease their stress. The job role requires a master’s level degree in psychology, counseling or related fields along with substantial training in art. Hence, among top 10 best paying jobs in miscellaneous.

Average National Salary: USD 58,139 per year

5. Voice-Over Artist 

Voice-Over Artist 

The primary responsibility of a voice-over artist is to read from a script as well as narrate texts for radio, film et cetera. It is a creative job which requires speaking clarity and fluency along with language proficiency. The advantage of this job profile is you can scale it to any extend which makes this job a best paying jobs in miscellaneous.

Average  National Salary:  USD 66,990 per year

6. Hippotherapist


The primary responsibility of a hippotherapist is to help patients improve their mental health. They use methods such as recreation as well as socialization with other individuals. Horse riding is also included as a part of the therapy in most cases.  

Average National Salary: USD 74,434 per year

7. Toy Designer

The toy designers are also famously known as toy makers or product designers. The primary responsibility is to make creative design for the toys so that they engage the kids in an enthusiastic way. It is a creative job which requires efficient skills and precision. In toy designing industry sky is the limit, this makes this job a best paying job in miscellaneous subject to your skills and creativity.

Average National Salary: USD 78,913 per year

8. Periodontist

A periodontist is a specific kind of dentist who deals with or specializes in diseases associated with the gums. It is a unique field about which very few people are aware but it offers a huge amount of pay. 

Average National Salary: USD 229,475 per year

9. Clinical Ethicist

Clinical Ethicist

The primary responsibility of a Clinical ethicist is to take a neutral position during medical decisions to aid doctors as well as patients in making informed choices and taking the best possible decision. It is a unique employment opportunity and a well-paid job and hence among the top 10 best paying jobs in miscellaneous.

Average national Salary: USD 113,230

10. Flavorist 


One of the most prominent and best paying jobs in miscellaneous is of a flavorist. The job role is to work with chemistry based principles to create, develop or sometimes recreate  synthetic as well as natural flavors.

Average National Salary: USD 125,000 per year

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Miscellaneous jobs obviously offer some of the most exciting careers that can often impart and provide several merits and freedom to an individual. Such jobs provide with an opportunity to  to branch out and investigate what fascinates a person or what an individual is passionate about. Some of the best paying jobs in miscellaneous can be found at renowned sites and applications such as Indeed and LinkedIn. Such jobs can be taken up full time as well as part time, depending upon the requirement of a particular company. Some of the other best paid miscellaneous job options are as follows:

  • Industrial Hygiene Technician
  • Hearing Aid Specialist
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Design Engineer
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