10 Best Paying Jobs in Metal Fabrications


It can be a well settled and satisfying career path to opt for a career in metal fabrications. The employment opportunity requires an individual to work with hands in a precise manner, pay attention to details and aim to manufacture high quality products. With substantial experience and proper skills, one can earn a huge amount in the metal fabrication based industry. As one garners experience and skills in the metal fabrications sector, he or she can earn high-paying salaries of approximately $50,000 or more.

metal fabrication

Some of the best paying jobs in metal fabrications are elucidated below. 

 1. Ironworker – Best paying jobs in metal fabrications 


Approximate average salary:  USD 51,453 per year

The primary duties of an ironworker in the metal fabrication industry include shaping steel and iron structures as per the requirement of the ongoing project. The job role also requires creation of framework for bridges, road et cetera as well as proper installation. An ironworkers heats, cuts and shapes the beams of iron along with engaging in processes such as rigging and scaffolding. 

The job role also requires one to weld the iron pieces together and operate heavy machinery associated with the process. An ironworker not only uses the equipment but is also responsible for the maintenance and effective cleaning of the tools during the construction process. 

2. Millwright – Best paying Jobs in metal fabrications 


Approximate average salary:  USD 56,489 per year

The primary duties of a millwright include operating the industrial equipment as well as machinery on at the manufacturing plant or the site was the construction happens. The job role is to assemble, install and transport industry related tools and machinery. A millwright is also responsible for the repair of the same. Other responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing and managing blueprints
  • Handling and setting up the sites for work
  • Managing machine parts 
  • Filing pieces to fit them into machines in a specific measured way 
  • Replacement of the defective machinery pieces

3. Fabricator – Best paying jobs in metal fabrications 


Approximate average salary:  USD 58,816 per year

The primary duties of a fabricator in the metal fabrication industry are to create and develop components or parts of machines and necessary equipment. The job involves cutting, shaping, bending as well as filling metal pieces was and when required. Other responsibilities include:

  • Selection of appropriate tools and machinery such as cutter, dills, sheers et cetera. 
  • Measurement of completed or finished objects
  • Reviewing of metal pieces regarding quality of the same
  • Preparation of completed objects for delivery  

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4. Sheet metal mechanic – Best paying jobs in metal fabrications 

Sheet metal mechanic

Approximate average salary:  USD 64,337 per year

The primary duties of a Sheet metal mechanic in metal fabrication industry is to shape, cut and install sheet metal based equipment specifically for ventilation ducts, drainage pipes, roofing, air conditioning systems et cetera. Other responsibilities of a sheet metal mechanic include:

  • Reviewing the blueprints of an area
  • Shaping the sheet metal to fit the required space 
  • Cutting and straightening of the metal 
  • Installation of the finished products

5. CNC programmer – Best Paying Jobs in metal fabrications 

CNC programmer

Approximate average salary:  USD 65,283 per year

The primary duties of a CN programmer in metal fabrication industry is to design and develop software for the CNC machines that cut, shape and manufacture products such as metal sheeting in an automatic manner. Other responsibilities of a CNC programmer include:

  • Interpreting schematics
  • Interpreting program related instructions 
  • Manufacture appropriate amount of items
  • Determine the kind and amount of required tools for a task
  • Development of code database to develop programs 
  • Incorporating designs into the CNC based software 

6. Boilermaker – Best paying jobs in metal fabrications 


Approximate average salary:  USD 65,360 per year

The primary duties of a boilermaker in the metal fabrications are to be in charge of the installation and assembling of the boilers along with other large containers that are needed to carry liquids and gases. Other responsibilities of a boilermaker include:

  • Consultation with clients regarding their industry associated needs
  • Development of schematics as per the specifications
  • Shaping, blending and sealing of metal to develop a vat which is airtight and functions under hot-pressure 
  • Travelling to worksites and overseeing the task being executed 
  • Carefully observe boiler gauge 
  • Make required adjustments and changes to the pipe, if needed
  • Repair the metal body of the boiler, if needed

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7. CNC machinist – Best paying jobs in metal fabrications 

CNC machinist

Approximate average salary:  USD 67,360 per year

The primary role of a CNC machinist is to operate and manage CNC machines within the manufacturing plants to manufacture and develop a wide range of products, such as  metal components as well as structures.  Other responsibilities may include:

  • Following assembly instructions
  • Loading of metal material into CNC machines
  • Inspection of the finished objects 
  • Testing of the durability of the finished products 
  • Mountainous of the CNC machinery
  • Unloading of the raw material 

8. Industrial engineer – Best paying jobs in metal fabrications 

Industrial Engineer

Approximate average salary:  USD 74,344 per year

The primary duties of an industrial engineer are to assess and oversee operations in manufacturing as well as develop manufacturing systems that are efficient and reliable. Other responsibilities include:

  • Review effective ways to construct metal products
  • Thinks of ways to acquire and collect the necessary raw products 
  • Development and creation of production based schedule
  • Training of the metal fabrication employees 
  • Reduction of waste 
  • Improvement of quality control methods
  • Increasing the efficiency and productivity of employees 

9. Construction superintendent – Best paying jobs in metal fabrications 

Construction superintendent

Approximate average salary:  USD 80,920 per year

The primary duty of construction superintendents is to be in charge of overseeing the overall process of developing and building a new structure for a customer, including processes such as demolition, construction as well as inspection. Other responsibilities include:

  • Acquiring of raw materials
  • Hiring and training of skilled employees to shape and cut the metal
  • Oversee the budget and timeline of the project.

10. Manufacturing manager – Best paying jobs in metal fabrications 

Manufacturing manager

Approximate average salary: USD 84,931 per year

The primary duties involve supervising productions activities in the industry based setting. Other responsibilities include: scheduling and planning of activities for the management team to increase productivity and ensure effective productions goals. 

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