Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in Marine Transportation


Overview of best paying jobs in marine transportation 

Today, some of the best paying jobs in marine transportation have evolved as an outcome of the process of globalisation and extensive commercialization. Since the very beginning of transportation across the sea routes, marine transportation has always gained weight and even today this industry employs some of the best paying jobs in marine transportation.

Trade and transport is an ever growing activity of the business around us. With more and more production of goods and services, the demand for these tertiary services has always been high. These best paying jobs in marine transportation offer the best income and employment opportunities for the general mass and have huge growth prospects with corresponding increase of trade and transport.

What exactly is marine transportation?

The transportation of commodities and persons by sea is known as maritime transport. Shipping is the most common form of transport for raw goods such as coal, oil, and grain. Shipping may be a lucrative career path with several prospects for progress and growth.

List of best paying jobs in marine transportation 

Listed below are some of the best paying jobs in marine transportation to explore before deciding to step into one:

  1. Ship captain:
Ship captain
  • A certified seafarer who commands a ship’s navigation, cargo loading, storage, telecommunications, and safety is known as a ship captain or chief officer.
  • They also make sure the ship complies with local and international laws. The captain of a ship is one of the best paying jobs in marine transportation.
  • The captain generally is among the highest best paying jobs in marine transportation, with an average salary of $67,000.
  1. Naval architect:
Naval architect
  • A qualified professional with primary responsibility for designing, building, and maintaining government and commercial ships, submarines, and other offshore structures is known as a naval architect.
  • Investigating and examining vessel problems, as well as vessel repair and testing procedures on the water, are additional duties of a naval architect as one of the best paying jobs in marine transportation.
  • They commonly receive a starting compensation of $67,000.
  1. Ship superintendent:
Ship superintendent
  • A ship superintendent is in a position to ensure that all fixes on a vessel are correctly performed, mainly when the ship is in the dockyard. In other words, they are responsible for supervising and directing a repair job in a port or pier.
  • One of the major roles of this best paying job in marine transportation is to determine what repairs are required, how much money will be needed, and if the process will be completed on time.
  • A ship’s superintendent typically earns $67,750 annually.
  1. Marine engineer:
Marine engineer
  • As one of the best paying jobs in marine transportation,a marine engineer, should be skilled to research, design, create, and build new naval vessels, maintain and restore existing marine vessels, create blueprints and design engines and thrust systems, create and test prototypes of different vessels, work in a team environment and also supervise the construction of full-size ships.
  • Marine engineers’ salary with just a few years of experience starts at around $72,269.
  1. Marine surveyor:
Marine surveyor
  • A marine surveyor is a person who inspects, surveys, or examines ships to determine the health of the cargo they are carrying. 
  • They also look for damage to the items carried by the ships and the ships themselves.
  • Marine surveyors are expected to earn between $42,000 and $85,000 on average as among the best paying jobs in marine transportation.

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  1. Skilled seamanship:
Skilled seamanship
  • This job entails participating in a crew and, if necessary, leading a crew as a captain.
  • Skilled seaman may have to use emergency equipment, perform maintenance and sanitation, enforce security measures, run deck machinery, keep an eye out for obstructions, or handle cargo.
  • As one of the best paying jobs in marine transportation, their annual salary is estimated to be $53,000.
  1. Marine data scientist:
Marine data scientist
  • A Marine Data Scientist studies the water and its interactions with the land.
  • The role in marine transportation is to use maritime data analytics to increase safety.
  • This profession requires a BS/BE degree in marine, earth science, or engineering discipline.
  • Marine Data Scientists earn $109,437 a year as among the list of the best paying jobs in marine transportation.
  1. Shipbroker:
  • An intermediary who mediates agreements between shipowners and charterers is a shipbroker.
  • A shipbroker coordinates the transfer of items between buyers and ship vendors in addition to playing the intermediary role.
  • A diploma in shipbroking, trade, and finance can help make you a more competitive candidate for this best paying job in marine transportation.
  • Shipbrokers may earn an average salary of $72,660 a year.
  1. Oil driller:
Oil driller
  • An oil driller is a crew member on offshore oil or gas rigs.
  • An oil driller is responsible for assembling, running, and maintaining the well-drilling and oil-drilling machinery.
  • Additionally, they are in charge of the drilling team’s other members also.
  • The best paying jobs in marine transportation can earn up to $73,622 on average a year.
  1. Shipping freight broker:
Shipping freight broker
  • A Freight Broker is a transportation intermediary between shippers and carriers.
  • This is one of the best paying jobs in marine transportation for one can work even if they don’t own the cargo being shipped or the vehicles being used to ship it.
  • Getting prior experience as a trucker or logistics manager in freight and logistics puts a freight broker on the good maps.
  • Freight Brokers earn up to $67,908 a year.

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Working in among the best paying jobs in the marine transportation industry may be both exciting and lucrative. If one chooses a land-based career path, the marine industry provides several vocations where they can work on ships or off of ships. In either case, applicants should be aware of the best paying jobs in maritime transportation with the highest salaries and the highest demand. Working in marine transportation is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. It’s one of those professions that is fulfilling and full of chances and advantages. 

In the end, a career in marine transportation can be the best choice for anyone if the objective is to have reliable, well-paying employment with excellent perks.

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