Top 10 best paying jobs in healthcare Sector


Services of some of the best paying jobs in healthcare have always been in demand since ancient times and more than ever even today. This is mainly because neither has population explosion been on control nor has the world been free of threats to health and life. It is said that health is the most important asset a person can own. This asset nevertheless is protected and nurtured through proper care and medical services regarded as the best paying jobs in healthcare.

Along with requiring specialised skill sets, which usually results in higher pay, these best paying jobs use larger paychecks to entice medical professionals to work for them. It’s a critical approach during times of scarcity, allowing applicants to attract and retain top talent among the best paying jobs in healthcare.

Top 10 best paying jobs in health care

Given below is a list of some of the best paying  jobs in the medical field:

1) Physician and surgeon

Physician or Surgeon
  • These professionals perform operations that allow them to manually correct bone, tissue, and organ issues, address specific internal concerns highlighting them to be the top among the list of best paying jobs.
  • The physician engages in the diagnosis of medical illnesses or injuries.
  • The average annual salary is $252,040, which is quite incredibly impressive.
  • A physician will have one of two types of degrees. One is the Medical Doctor or “M.D.” degree, and the other is the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine or “D.O.”

2) Dentist

  • A dentist will diagnose and treat any issues you are having with your gums, teeth, or other areas of your mouth. 
  • They play an important role in teaching their patients how to properly care for their teeth and gums and secure the second position in the best paying job list.
  • Dentists can also choose to specialise their practise in their own chosen field.
  • The median pay for dentists is $156,240 per year.

3) Podiatrist

  • Podiatrists, doctors who specialise in foot and ankle problems.
  • Other foot problems treated by podiatrists include ingrown toenails, heel spurs, calluses, arthritis, and congenital deformities.
  • To work in the field, most podiatrists must first obtain a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree.
  • They earn an yearly salary of somewhere around an amount of $ 1,26,000 and ranks third in the list of the best paying jobs.

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4) Pharmacist

  • Pharmacists distribute medications to patients in need.
  • They administer immunizations, perform health screenings, and provide critical information to patients, such as overviews of drug side effects and interaction risks.
  • Pharmacists also need to work closely with the patients’ insurance companies to ensure that these patients receive the medications that they need.
  • After having obtained all of their credentials, average salaries of around $128,000 are the basic norm for people from pharmacy background.

5) Nurse practitioner

Nurse practitioner
  • In the list of the best paying jobs in healthcare nurse practitioners, also known as Advanced Practice Registered Nurses or APRNs, provide specialised care to their patients that includes both primary and specialty care.
  • Nurse practitioners can recognise when a patient’s condition changes and analyse test results.
  • Many of the duties that physicians perform, such as prescribing medication, ordering medical tests, and diagnosing patients’ medical conditions, can be performed by nurse practitioners.
  • The median salary for a nurse practitioner is $113,930 per year as per the Industry standards.

6) Optometrist

  • Optometrists diagnose the problems that their patients are having with their eyes, and they treat these problems as well.
  • One would just need to complete the Doctor of Optometry program and get a licence in the given state to perform the services of an Optometrist.
  • The median pay for an optometrist is $111,790 per year.
  • It is critical to understand that optometrists and ophthalmologists are not the same thing. Ophthalmologists are physicians who can perform advanced eye surgery among other things unlike an optometrist.

7) Physical assistant

Physical assistant
  • These professionals work directly with patients in hospitals, medical offices and in their own independent clinics.
  • When patients present to a physician assistant with an injury or illness, the physician assistant can diagnose the condition and treat the patient.
  • Typically, becoming a PA requires the equivalent of a Master’s degree.
  • The median pay for a physical assistant is $108,610 in the list of the best paying jobs in healthcare.

8) Veterinarian

  • Animals are the patients of veterinarians, and they provide the same services that physicians do for their human patients.
  • Veterinarians screen their patients for diseases that are common to them. They also administer vaccinations.
  • The “food safety and inspection veterinarian” is a veterinary specialty. These veterinarians conduct disease inspections on animals.
  • The median pay for a veterinarian is $93,830 every year.

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9) Physical therapist

Physical therapist
  • A physical therapist helps patients to assist them in recovering from injuries or illnesses, increasing range of motion, stabilising joints, or managing pain caused by a physical issue.
  • Physical therapists give their patients exercises and equipment that is meant to ease their pain.
  • A physical therapist can specialise in one particular area of care.
  • The median pay for a physical therapist is $87,930 a year.

10) Occupational therapist

Occupational therapist
  • Occupational therapists view patients in their normal settings.
  • These professionals differ from physical therapists by focusing on helping patients with day-to-day living, while physical therapists aid patients with movement.
  • Occupational therapists are also employed in mental health settings also.
  • The median pay for an occupational therapist is $84,270 per year.


The demand for the best paying jobs in healthcare is expected to grow much faster than before by the coming years. In a world today when pandemics are becoming the new age health destroyer along with alarming pollution, the need for medical healthcare workers is undoubtedly the most among all. In addition to physicians and nurses, healthcare professionals work as pharmacists, scientists, and machine operators. These best paying jobs in medical careers help in high-need areas, such as rural areas or cities with high poverty rates.

Note: Do check the eligibility criteria, along with the skills required while applying for the particular job in healthcare since each varies from other. 

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