Top 10 Best paying Jobs in Containers/Packaging


Before you find the best paying jobs in containers/packaging sector, it’s essential to understand what it means. The process of packing goods in containers is known as container packing. Boxes, bags, crates, and drums are all common forms of packaging. There would be no business for packing if it weren’t for containers. Using identical packaging allows for consistent outcomes from batch to batch. Such uniformity reduces the risk of spoiling and ensures that clients get the same high-quality goods in every container.

Standardized packaging also aids in inventory management and rational purchasing decisions for businesses. As a result, the stringency of standards in this area has been increasing in recent years. In this field, job prospects depend on the size and content of the presentations. However, it may be claimed that each container packing facility typically has at least one open position for every packaging-related work. Indeed, this is especially true in the United States, where employment is constantly shifting and changing.

If you’re searching for the best jobs in the packaging sector in the United States, checking your local job board or conducting online searches for open positions might be helpful. You may work as a packager, lab analyst, or manufacturing engineer.

Is Packaging/Containers a Good Career Choice?

Best paying Jobs in Containers Packaging

Working in the packaging sector can be a great career choice for those interested in working with their hands and enjoying being in a manufacturing environment. There are many different types of positions available in this field, so there is likely to be a good fit for most people’s skills and interests. The work can be challenging and fast-paced, but it is also rewarding to see the results of your efforts on the shelves of stores or in the hands of consumers.

The pay is also quite good in this field, especially for entry-level positions. Many jobs in this sector offer a competitive salary, benefits packages, and opportunities for advancement. With experience, you can move into management or supervisory roles with significant pay increases.

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What are the high paying jobs in Containers/packaging industry?

The following are some of the best paying jobs in the packaging sector you need to consider:

1. Manufacturing Engineer: Average Salary- $85,880

Manufacturing Engineer

A manufacturing engineer in the packaging industry plans, designs, and oversees the construction of packaging production lines. No doubt, why this position in among the top of the best paying job in containers and packaging industry. They work to improve manufacturing efficiency and quality while also reducing costs. Essential duties include researching, developing plans and drawings, overseeing production, and troubleshooting issues.

2. Production Manager: Average Salary- $74,000

Production Manager

A production manager oversees all aspects of production, including the planning, scheduling, and coordinating of production activities. They work to ensure that production goals are met while maintaining quality standards and adherence to safety regulations. Essential duties include developing production schedules, coordinating with other departments, overseeing staffing levels, and monitoring production metrics. The pay raise is as per acquired experience and that’s why this position earns the second spot on the list of best paying jobs in packaging industry.  

3. Packer: Average Salary: $30,485


The primary responsibilities of a packer are the safe and timely delivery of products received from suppliers. They are often employed in warehouses, where they are in charge of the final stages before a product is sent. Packers are responsible for numerous aspects of quality control, such as weight, measuring items, and shipping containers. Packaging facilities may be subjected to periodic inspections by packers. This is an excellent place to start if you want to get into packaging as a fresher. For a fresher packer is among the best paying jobs in container and packaging sector with minimum eligibility.

4. Loader: Average Salary: $35,719


Loaders are responsible for safely and efficiently loading products onto trucks and other vehicles. They often work in warehouses and distribution centres, using machinery to load products onto pallets or containers. Loaders must be able to lift heavy objects and follow instructions from supervisors. The profession can be challenging as it requires having crane operating skills. Additional skills are a booster for professionals looking for this position. The pay scale raises as per gained experience and hence, it turns into one of the best paying jobs in packaging and shipping services.

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5. Quality Control Technician: Average Salary- $40,870

Quality Control Technician

A quality control technician in the packaging industry ensures that products meet quality standards. They conduct inspections at various stages of production and test finished products before they are shipped. Quality control technicians also create reports detailing their findings and recommend improvements to production processes. You can become a QC technician even if you don’t have prior adequate experience in the field. The national average salary gets a raise as you gain further experience.

6. Product Tester: Average salary- $43,037 per year

Product Tester

Testers’ major role is to evaluate the quality of materials used in the production process during packaging testing. Some shipments need special handling because of their contents, such as those that must be refrigerated or those that are delicate. When making their conclusion, testers investigate the adhesive’s sturdiness in various settings. Boxes, cartons, bottles, and other packing materials are subjected to extensive examination to verify they are suitable for shipment in light of environmental variables and the product’s parts. Having prior knowledge and skills are a bane for this profession. It’s easy to get raise in the initial joining period and which makes it one of the best paying jobs in container and packaging sector.

7. Packaging Coordinator: Average Salary: $47,932

Packaging Coordinator

Packaging operators are in charge of the packaging machinery and consumables rather than the items themselves. Barcode readers, conveyor belts, and forklifts are only a few of the equipment and systems that a packager would be responsible for keeping track of and maintaining. People with experience repairing or maintaining mechanical or equipment hardware who enjoy solving difficulties would be perfect for this job. A professional has to have necessary as well as desirable skills to grab this job. These skills can help you get a raise easily later on.

8Warehouse manager: average salary: $58,262 

Warehouse manager

As the name suggests, warehouse managers are responsible for organising and coordinating activities in a storage facility. Stock control, order picking, and stocktaking are only some of their duties. They also develop plans to increase efficiency and effectiveness while meeting customer demands. A bachelor’s degree is often required for this position.

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9. Maintenance Manager: Average Salary- $62,291

Maintenance Manager

The maintenance manager is responsible for the upkeep and repair of all packaging machinery and equipment. They oversee a team of technicians who perform scheduled maintenance and repairs as needed. The maintenance manager also develops preventative maintenance plans and implements strategies to improve safety and reduce downtime. A bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience is typically required for this position. It’s one of the reputed as well as best paying jobs in packaging industry. 

10. Packaging Engineer: Average Salary: $81,631

Packaging Engineer

Most of a packaging engineer’s time is spent on tasks like developing the packing materials later used to transport items to stores and buyers. This implies coming up with the most efficient and effective methods to pack and ship various products for those interested in this sector. Packaging engineers should be proficient in both mathematics and hard sciences. One example is how science behind food packaging design differs from that of clothing or technology.

Conclusion: Scope of Best Paying Jobs in Containers/Packaging Industry

The packaging industry is vast and offers a variety of career opportunities for those with the right skills and qualifications. From entry-level positions like packers and loaders to managerial roles like warehouse manager and maintenance manager, there are ample opportunities for advancement. With the ever-changing landscape of technology, the need for packaging engineers with experience in developing new packing materials and solutions will continue to rise. So, if you’re looking for a stable career with good pay and room for growth, these best paying jobs in packaging industry are definitely the perfect options to start.

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