Top 10 Best Paying jobs in Consumer Service in United States

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Before heading to the best paying jobs in Consumer service, lets understand the Consumer Service industry first!

What is consumer service? – Overview 

The consumer service translates to the assistance, help and guidance that a company offers and provides to its customers during their interaction with specific brands. The aim is mainly to enhance the satisfaction of the consumer or the customers by effective responses to their requests and complaints. Consumers always have several queries, questions and concerns which is why customer service is required for such conversations and immediate actions. 

Moreover, consumer service is responsible for guiding and helping the customer use a product in a better manner, solve associated problems and ensure an efficient shopping experience. Even though the consumer service more often appears after the purchase, it can also be approached before and even during the purchase or buying of an item; for example, a salesperson or a company can be contacted to get enough information about the object being bought before the purchase happens. 

Furthermore, if someone receives a damaged product, then also customer service comes to the rescue. Therefore; Consumer service industry is always in need of employees with good communication and convincing skills. 

Best Paying jobs in Consumer service

There are abundant of employment opportunities in the consumer service sector and some of them are high paid job opportunities. Some of the best paying jobs in consumer services are mentioned below:

1. Technical Support Engineer 

Technical Support Engineer 

Annual Salary: USD 81,000 approximately 

Most of the technical support engineers usually have a bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering or robotics and related fields. A technical support engineer in the consumer services must be well skilled to deal with any emergency program related issues and problems. 

The technical support engineers mainly work remotely and solve the consumer issues with individual communication with the consumer. This post required interpersonal communications skills as well as excessive patience. Hence is considered a good option for best paying jobs in consumer service.

2. Account Manager

Account Manager

Annual Salary:  USD 72,000 approximately 

An account manager in the consumer services manages and oversees every individual who is working on a company related account to ensure that they are all doing their share and putting significant efforts to achieve the company desired goals and outcomes. An account manager communicates with the teams to explicate the task as well as the timeframe for the same.

After that, they have to manage and conceptualize how the entire planned design would come together and how the task would be executed. This post requires a strong relationship with the customers because consumers put a lot of trust in their account managers. Efficient speaking and communication skills are needed, so an account manager jobs is one of the best paying jobs in consumer service industry.

3. Flight Attendant

Salary: Between USD 64,446 – USD $99,544 per year approximately 

The job of a flight attendant is one of the best paying jobs in the consumer services. While the pay is good, it is an extremely difficult job that involves constant travels, difficult workings schedule and constant compassion toward the customers. The flight attendants are responsible for the comfort of passengers traveling in different airlines. The job also involves many other jobs and duties and therefore deserves a substantial pay. 

4. Front Desk Manager

Front Desk Manager

Salary:  USD 67,866 per year approximately

Front desk managers in consumer services are usually employed at either large or mid-sized hotels or sometimes in other business spaces in the hospitality industry as supervisors or managers. This job role requires individuals who are experienced professionals and who can effectively oversee reception as well as the front desk operations. He or she must carry out important administrative duties as part of his job responsibilities. Being a front face to the organization, it is one of the best paying jobs in consumer services.

5. Service Advisor

Service Advisor

Salary: $59,500 per year or $22.15 per hour

Service advisors is one of the best paying jobs in consumer services, are basically the customer service specialists who are found in car dealerships, maintenance workshops et cetera. These service advisors mainly act as intermediary individuals between customers and the associated car technicians. Their aim is to recognize the issues and concerns of the customers that they are facing in relation to their vehicle and then convey those concerns to the assigned technician.

Furthermore, their job is to offer comprehensive advice on timeline, maintenance, insurance, et cetera and hence the best paying jobs in consumer service.

6. Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Manager

Annual Salary:  USD 51,000 approximately 

A Customer Service Manager in consumer services manages and oversees the customer’s experience by carefully being vigilant of how the customer service representatives manage and handle their experiences and interactions with the consumers. The job also requires them to handle call volume; the number of representatives, the different kinds of problems customers is have, and the ways to resolve those problems. Only sometimes they are  called to help on a call or to deal with a consumer directly, but they often work behind the scenes which is quite exceptional.

7. Receptionist


Salary: USD 45,717 per year or USD 15.5 per hour

Receptionists in consumer services perform a wide range of administrative support roles and tasks, along with the front desk operations within an organization. The job role includes responding to consumer enquiries or guiding them towards their appropriate department according to their needs and quality employees get best pay in consumer service industry. Moreover, the job requires an employee to answer phone calls, receive and distribute emails et cetera. 

8. Personal Concierge

Personal Concierge

Average Annual Salary: USD 35,000 approximately 

Personal concierges mainly work for celebrities or very wealthy people, or sometimes families who are extremely busy to manage many of their daily tasks and responsibilities. The job is to run errands, schedule maintenance for vehicles et cetera. A personal concierge keeps track of calendars as well as arrange for transportation whenever needed.  Basically, the task is to ensure that every work is done in time, so best paying jobs in Consumer Services.

9. Call Center Representative

Call Center Representative

Salary: USD34, 519 per year or USD16.9 per hour

A call center representative makes and receives calls from consumers regarding product enquiries, issues and complaints. The call center representatives often use their company related training to guide customers and handle their problems by providing effective solutions mainly over phone call. Such professionals answer an excessive volume of customer calls on a daily basis and therefore this is an extremely exhausting job which deserves substantial pay. Call Center Representatives job is one of the best paying jobs in consumer service industry subject to the quality you maintain.

10. Bank Teller 

Bank Teller

Salary:  USD 30,639 per year approximately 

Banks play a crucial role in our lives because we require banks for our various financial services and issues. A bank teller is someone who deals with customer issues in a bank. The job role demand diligence and expansive knowledge. Hence, the job has one of the best pays in the consumer sector and is considered one of the best paying jobs in Consumer Services

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