Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-Durables


What are consumer goods?

Consumer goods constitute of objects and products that are mean for the requirement, need and consumption of the populace. Such goods usually last for an extended time period and they are of two main kinds: durable good and non-durable goods.

Durable Consumer Goods

Durable Consumer Goods

Durable consumer goods constitute of items and products that are meant for not just use but also reuse. Such products are usually kept for a long period of time. Main examples of such products can be home appliances, furniture, electronics, vehicles et cetera. The customers are not required to buy these good repeatedly and they are usually a one-time long term investment. 

Consumer non-durable goods

Non –Durable consumer goods mainly consist of products that are used or utilized only once. Such products are not able to stay or last for a very long period of time but are an essential part of an individual’s life. Such products are needed to be bought again and again as the requirement arises. Some examples of such products can be medicines, cosmetics, food etcetera. 

Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-durables

Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-durables

In the recent decades, the industry concerning the non-durable consumer goods has grown on a large scale. Many small and large organizations have delved into the sector of non-durable consumer products. Hence there are several best paying jobs in consumer non-durables you can apply for within. The profit from such industries is huge and therefore the employment opportunity within the non-durable goods sector is excessive. People generally prefer best paying jobs in consumer non-durables because it offers comparitevly better salary and work environment. There are several best paying jobs in consumer non-durables you can apply for in the consumer non-durables market when you are looking for some best paying jobs

The article ahead states some of the best paying job in consumer non-durables that are available at the moment. 

1. Pharmaceuticals or medicine industry – Best paying job in consumer Non- durables

Pharmaceuticals or medicine industry

This is one of the most preferred best paying jobs in consumer non-durables among the people. Medicines are extremely important be it for humans or animals and their production is significant as well. There is need of people in the manufacturing sector as well as the sales. Medicinal products are required by people no matter if they are healthy or unhealthy which makes it’s a significant non-durable goods sector with best paying jobs.

There are jobs in various fields such as the researchers, production team, lab testing team, analytics, sales et cetera. The average monthly salary in Pharmaceutical is approximately 3,360 USD but people earn even more depending upon the department and position. 

2. Cosmetics –  Best paying job in consumer non-durables

Cosmetics Industry

The highest pay in consumer durables can be allotted to the cosmetics industry and therefore, the best paying job opportunities are diverse and highly paid as well. There are several cosmetic companies that are being open each day. With high priced products and increasing demand, the industry is one of the fastest growing and developing in the category. 

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3. Footwear Industry– Best paying job in consumer non-durables

Footwear Industry

The footwear industry is in great demand at the moment. People are crazy about branded shoes and other footwear. The jobs are available in the designing sector, manufacturing sector, marketing sector as well as the sales sector. With high prized brands and constantly emerging new designs, footwear industry has a lot to offer in terms of highly paid employment opportunities. 

4. Food industry – Best paying job in Consumer non-durables

Food industry

There is no industry that can compete with the food industry. There is plenty of best paying job in consumer non-durables that exist in the food industry. It has always been on the top in terms of consumer preference as well as employment generation. Food is the basic requirement of humans and with modernization, the food has been transformed as well. The various versions of food are sold at extreme prices in costly restaurants. 

The job opportunities are present in the cooking sector, manufacturing sector food delivery sector and many more. The approximate hourly wage of an individual in food production is 23.50 USD, and the wage keeps increasing depending upon the position and requirement. 

5. Paper Production – Best paying job in consumer non-durables 

Paper Production

Paper is required in every home as well as official spaces. It is used rapidly and the requirement is never ending. The manufacturing, production and the sales process is exhausting and therefore offers several employment opportunities with good salaries. The paper industry one of the best functioning non-durable consumer good industries in the United States. 

6. Agriculture Equipment production companies – Best paying job in Consumer non-durables

Agriculture Equipment production companies

Agriculture sector is important because food is essential to human existence. Therefore, fruits and vegetables are required in abundance to feed the entire population. There are several roles in the agriculture sector. From farming to selling, the industry is diverse and full of highly paid employment opportunities, especially in the US. A general worker in an agriculture sector earns approximately 35 dollars per hours in the United States. 

7. Petroleum and Natural gas – Best paying job in Consumer non-durables


Gasoline is a major requirement of the populace, and it is old by the oil and gas based industries. The industry requires people for sales, branding, marketing, engineering as well as manufacturing. The information technology staff in oil and gas industries is also substantial and therefore offers high employment opportunities. 

8. Plastic Industry – Best paying job in Consumer non-durables

Plastic Industry

The plastic industry is vast. Even though extremely dangerous for the natural environment and human health, plastic is required and produced in abundance. There are numerous things that are made of plastic. From basic bottles, utensils etcetera to complex parts of the machinery, plastic has embedded itself in the human life to an extreme extent. 

The plastic industry required a diverse team in designing, manufacturing, selling et cetera. On the contrary, the industry required several other employees to ensure that the plastic usage remains under control and the harm to the environment is minimized. With such vast variety of job opportunities, the plastic industry is one of the best paying non-durables consumer goods sector. . 

9. Representative of Technical Assistance – Best paying job in consumer non-durables

Representative of Technical Assistance

The non-durable sector also requires technical support, and therefore there are a lot of employment opportunities every company that sells non-durable goods. People are required in call centres to deal with queries and complaints. Moreover, technicians are needed to fix physical issues and defects. Employees are also needed to handle returns and refunds of such products. An average salary in the sector is 14.48 USD per hour. 

10. Marketing – Best paying job in Consumer non-durables


The marketing jobs are other highly paid positions in consumer non-durable industries. With effective leadership skills, time management skills, social media handling et cetera, one can earn a huge amount in the company. 

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These are some of the best paying jobs in consumer non-durables you can prefer at the beginning. Make sure to look for all the requirements and qualifications needed for the job position. Don’t miss the chance to apply for these best paying jobs

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