Top 9 Best Paying Jobs in Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores


The apparel, footwear, and accessories sector comprise firms that design, produce, or sell them. This industry has a wide range of companies, from small boutiques to big department shops. The apparel, footwear, and accessories market is exploding. Its expansion is anticipated to double the economy in the next ten years. However, this industry is also highly competitive; therefore, staying up with the current trends and comprehending the company is both critical. Due to their demand in the industry, professionals are heading to education in fashion.

Best Paying Jobs in Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores

Here are some of the best paying jobs in clothing stores.

1. Public Relations Manager: Average Salary- $68 834 per Year

Public Relations Manager

Public relations managers are in charge of a company’s public relations and communications departments, ensuring its good reputation is maintained. In addition, they are in charge of developing relationships with the media to market the brand, including fashion shows, press releases, fashion lookbooks, or showroom appointments. Fashion PR managers also manage their team’s marketing and publicity calendars, media target lists and press kits developed by the team. The reputation speaks of this profile speaks for itself that’s why it’s one of the best paying jobs in clothing accessory stores.

2. Fashion Stylist: Average Salary- $66 135 per Year

Fashion Stylist

Fashion stylists are in charge of putting together clothing and accessories for editorials, advertising campaigns, music videos, celebrities, and other public figures. They work with designers, retail stores, and manufacturers to ensure that the selected products are appropriate for their clients’ needs. Fashion stylists often have a strong sense of current trends and what will be popular in the future. You can start your career as a fashion stylist since it’s second of the high paying jobs in clothing accessory stores.

3. Fashion Designer: Average Salary- $64 733 Per Year

Fashion Designer

Fashion designers create original clothing, accessories, and footwear. They sketch designs, select fabrics and patterns, and oversee the construction of garments. Fashion designers work with several people in the fashion industry, including patternmakers, sample makers, merchandisers, and models. In addition, they often have assistants who help with research, sketching, and fabric selection. There is a lot to explore in this profession and you can find the best paying jobs in clothing accessory stores

4. Brand Manager: $66,023 Per Year

Brand Manager

The job of a fashion brand manager is to maintain and develop a company’s image to attract and retain consumers. They work with the creative, marketing, and product development departments to ensure that all campaigns adhere to the brand’s core values and message. They are also in charge of organizing and signing off on producing promotional content such as commercials, email campaigns, and websites for their businesses. Fashion brand managers also examine market data to determine where their firm should focus its resources based on customers’ purchasing patterns and demands.

5. Marketing Manager: $67 216 per Year

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are responsible for a company’s or brand’s marketing techniques. They are in charge of branding activities, developing advertising campaigns, and analyzing the outcomes of these methods. Fashion marketing executives, for example, work with the marketing and product development teams to develop briefs, logos, and package designs that will be used to price and advertise items. They must also keep track of current market conditions to determine whether a marketing plan is working well or if it requires improvement. If you are looking for a highly reputable position, it’s one of the best paying jobs in shoe accessory stores also.

6. Retail Store Manager: Average Salary- $110 804 per Year

Retail Store Manager

A store manager is in charge of a store’s day-to-day operations. Their responsibility is to ensure that everything required at the shop is completed before closing time. They give orders and instructions to assistant managers and other department leaders, who report to them after completing the assigned task. A store manager must have some work experience, a diploma or certificate, and excellent leadership abilities.

A store manager’s position is highly demanding and requires professional experience. However, obtaining the appropriate certificate may be difficult; you’ll need some expertise before being considered for a store manager position. If you don’t have any work experience, the best approach to becoming a store manager from a lower position is to work your way up.

7. Store Sales Associates: Average Salary- $63 000 per Year

Store Sales Associates

Sales associates handle the sales of items and, depending on the circumstance, might be referred to as customer service. A primary responsibility of a sales associate is to communicate directly with any client who contacts the company about a product or service. Sales associates are the role player in the growth of a brand, that‘s why it’s one of the best paying jobs in shoe accessory stores depending on the individual’s experience.

To be a sales associate, you’ll need various abilities, such as simple arithmetic, the capacity to speak fluently, cash handling, excellent English, bilingualism, and so on. Because the typical salary of a sales associate is very encouraging, they are also part of the highest-paying occupations in clothing/shoe/accessory stores.

8. Merchandise Coordinator: Average Salary- $48 000 per Year

Merchandise Coordinator

In general, a merchandise coordinator manages and executes the company’s product vision while also adhering to the budget. They work with buyers, planners, designers, and vendors to select products featured in the store. A merchandise coordinator is responsible for creating and maintaining the store’s assortments, which includes planning floor layouts and displays. Additionally, they monitor inventories and create reports to analyze sales data.

9. Department Manager: Average Salary- $87 500 per Year

Department Manager

A department manager is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of a specific department in a store. Their duties include training employees, setting schedules, monitoring inventory levels, and ensuring that customer service standards are met.

In some cases, department managers may also be responsible for sales. To be a department manager, you’ll need at least two years of experience in retail management. Department managers typically earn more than store managers; It’s among the best paying jobs in Clothing accessory stores as well as a respected one.

Is there a good career in Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Store Jobs?

Working in the apparel, shoes, and accessories sector is a fantastic professional option for various reasons. First and foremost, this business is growing rapidly, so there will be many chances for advancement. This industry is also highly competitive. Therefore it’s critical to be up to speed on current trends and have a thorough knowledge of the industry.

Furthermore, the work in this sector may be quite lucrative. To help you get the opportunity, you can opt for the best paying jobs in clothing accessories stores.You’ll have the opportunity to assist people in finding their ideal outfits and making them feel good about themselves. Furthermore, you’ll get to collaborate with a creative team and follow today’s fashion trends. So, if you’re searching for a demanding and exciting career, working in the clothing, shoes, and accessories business is an excellent choice!


This list of the best paying jobs in shoe accessory stores will hopefully be helpful for you in finding a suitable job. Do you have any queries regarding the retail sector or the jobs we discussed? If so, please leave a remark below if you have any questions about the retail industry or the positions mentioned. Finally, please feel free to share this blog post with your friends and family members who are searching for work in retail.

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