What are the best paying jobs in the United States?


Introduction: What are the best-paying jobs in the United States?

The global experts have estimated that by the end of 2020 the GDP in the United States of America will reach around 56200.00 USD per capita and it is expected that the number will grow at a rapid speed in the upcoming years. By the end of this year, experts estimate that the GDP per capita in the United States will reach 56200.00 USD. It’s also expected to continue upward over the next several years.

Similar to most nations in the world, the US job market was excessively impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and the unemployment rate peaked at 15 per cent approximately in 2020. The job opportunities are gradually rebuilding and recovered since then. 

Despite everything, there are still several highly paid job opportunities present in the United States within different sectors. The top 10 best-paying job opportunities in the United States of America are mentioned below. 

What salary is considered the best paying job in the United States?

In the United States of America, the average approximate annual salary is around USD 74,400. According to recent surveys, best-paying jobs salaries above USD 97000 would be considered among the best pay available in the US job market. If an individual lands one of the best-paying jobs in the US and earns a salary above USD 97000, he or she would fall under the “rich” category and would be able to live an extremely comfortable life with a high standard of living in the United States.

 The cost of earning differs significantly from state to state in the US and the expenses also vary enormously therefore the above mention data is an approximate value and can differ according to the state being discussed. 

For example, Oklahoma is far cheaper compared to California, where even though the high and best-paying jobs are available, the cost of living is excessive.

1. Healthcare – Best paying jobs in the United States

Healthcare Jobs

In the list of the best paying jobs, the healthcare sector holds the top rank. There is an enormous demand of healthcare workers in the state and considering their complicated and hectic job, they are well compensated in terms of high salaries. The demand for healthcare officials has increased further after the coronavirus pandemic and it may be the only job sector which has not been affected by the pandemic crisis. 

There are several hierarchies in the healthcare sector as well and people earn according to their positions. While the surgeons and doctors earn a significant amount, the helping staff is compensated well for their efforts and time. 

The highest paid positions in the healthcare sector are as follows:

  • Cardiologist: Average salary is USD 351,827 approximately 
  • Anesthesiologist: Average salary is USD 326,296 approximately
  • Orthodontist: Average salary is USD 264,850 approximately 

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2. Engineering – Best paying jobs in the United States

Engineering Jobs

The engineering industry in the United States is another high-salaried industry with diverse fields and scope. It consists of several varied kinds of engineering, including biotechnology, mechanical, production, electrical, civil engineering, food technology et cetera. 

There is always a strong as well as consistent demand for qualified engineers throughout the United States. Therefore, it is evident that the engineers in various industries are well compensated for their complex and intensive jobs. 

Some of the best paying job titles in the field are mentioned below:

  • Computer Vision Engineer: Average annual salary USD148, 184 per year
  • Aeronautical Engineer: Average Annual Salary USD 102,591 per year
  • Electrical Engineer: Average Annual Salary USD 95,275 per year

3. Information technology – Best paying Jobs in the United States 

Information technology Jobs

Information technology sector, also known as IT for short is an extremely significant component of every industry in the modern times especially in the first world countries such as the United States of America. Computers are the present day reality and therefore every industry is aspiring to become technologically advance and therefore the demand for employees in IT is increasing by the day.

The IT industry is growing at a fast pace and therefore the demand of employees is also increasing rapidly. There are several high paid jobs available in the field. Eligible individuals with the required digital skill set can earn a huge amount of money in the IT sectors within the US. 

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The three most highly and best paying jobs in the IT sector are as follows:

  • Enterprise Architecture Manager: Average Annual Salary USD169, 762 per year
  • Director of Information Security: Average Annual Salary USD148, 204 per year
  • Enterprise Architect: Average Annual Salary USD141, 355 per year

4. Finance – Best paying Jobs in the United States 

Finance Jobs

Finance has always been the most secure highly paying sector in the United States. There are numerous highly salaried job opportunities available in the finance sector. Banking jobs have always been available in abundance and at present all the industries also have a specific finance department that has made the finance sector one of the best paid sector among the ones in the job market. 

The three best paying salaries in finance in the US are:

  • Quantitative Analyst: Average Annual Salary USD153,739 per year
  • Investment Banker: Average Annual Salary USD 90,078 per year
  • Compliance Officer: Average Annual Salary USD 82,825 per year

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5. Mining, Resources, and Energy – Best paying jobs in the United States 

Mining, Resources, and Energy

The mining and energy sector is last in the list but is one of the most prominent sectors when considering high paid jobs in the United States. There are ample of job opportunities available in this sector and demand is increasing by the day. The job is very difficult, demanding and rigorous therefore the pay is high and substantial for the workers. 

The long working hours are compensated with high salaries. The top three potions in the mining, resources and energy sectors in terms of the pay and salaries are as follows:

  • Petroleum Engineer: Average Annual Salary USD 159,780
  • Geophysicist: Average Annual Salary  USD 104,916 per year
  • Metallurgist: Average Annual Salary  USD 93,492 per year

Final Words 

We have mentioned the top and best-paying jobs in the United States for which one can apply. Make sure to look for the qualifications and other requirements needed for getting eligible for the job.

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