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Calling all Bel Air enthusiasts! While we’ve just witnessed the exciting conclusion of the show’s second season, many of us can’t help but wonder about the possibility of a Bel Air season 3. It’s hard to resist the desire for more of Will Smith’s captivating journey from the streets of West Philadelphia to the opulent mansions of Bel Air.

Bel-Air Season 3
Credit: Twitter

Premiering on Peacock on February 13, 2022, Bel Air swiftly captured the attention of viewers and quickly became one of the streaming platform’s most popular original series. Serving as a modern reimagining of the beloved 1990s sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, the show draws inspiration from Cooper’s earlier fan film of the same title. Centered around a young man who encounters difficulties in his hometown of Philadelphia, leading to his relocation to the luxurious abode of his affluent uncle in Los Angeles.

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With two seasons under its belt, eager fans are eagerly anticipating the next installment of the show. The burning question on everyone’s mind is whether or not the beloved series will be renewed for a third season.

To put an end to the swirling rumors and provide some much-needed clarity, delve into the article below!

Bel Air Season 3 Renewal Status

Bel-Air Season 3 Renewal Status
Credit: Twitter

In a surprising turn of events, Peacock wasted no time and renewed Bel Air for its highly anticipated third season even before the conclusion of the second season. The exciting news was officially announced on March 17, 2023, and the cast couldn’t contain their enthusiasm. They took to Instagram, where they shared a photo, with each member proudly raising three fingers to symbolize the upcoming season.

Jabari Banks, who portrays Will in the series, took to Instagram to confirm the news to the dedicated fanbase. He captioned his post with sheer excitement, saying, “That’s right, we’re back for season 3! The fans like you made this happen and we can’t thank you enough. Keep streaming #belairpeacock only on @peacock.”

Bel Air Season 3 Release Date

Bel-Air Season 3 Release Date
Credit: Twitter

 Bel Air Season 3 is a go! The network renewed the series in March 2023, exciting fans everywhere. With a production schedule already in place for months, the release timing looks promising. Following the pattern of the previous seasons, it’s likely that Season 3 will begin streaming in February 2024. Get ready for more Bel Air goodness!

Series Name

Bel Air Season 3



Total Seasons 


Bel Air Season 3 Release Date 

2024 (Predicted)

Original Network


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Bel Air Season 3 Cast

Bel-Air Season 3 cast
Credit: Twitter

Given that season 2 just came to an end, with ample opportunities for unexpected plot twists and character departures, it remains challenging to predict the precise lineup for Bel Air season 3. Nonetheless, it is reasonable to expect that the beloved main cast will reprise their roles, including Jabari Banks as Will, Olly Sholotan as Carlton Banks, Coco Jones as Hilary Banks, Akira Akbar as Ashley Banks, Adrian Holmes as Phillip Banks, Cassandra Freeman as Vivian Banks, Jordan L. Jones as Jazz, Jimmy Akingbola as Geoffrey, and Simone Joy as Lisa Wilkes.

Season 3 of the show may bring back Will’s parents, portrayed by April Parker Jones (Vy) and Marlon Wayans (Lou), as there is unresolved tension between them and their son. Additionally, several new characters introduced in season 2 might make a return, including Brooklyn McLinn as the determined basketball recruiter and AAU Coach Doc Hightower, Jazlyn Martin as Will’s romantic interest Jackie, a South L.A. local, and Riele Downs as Yazmin, Carlton’s love interest and the president of the Black Student Union at Bel Air Academy.

Bel Air Season 3 Plot

Bel-Air Season 3 plot
Credit: Twitter

Bel Air Season 3‘s plot will seamlessly pick up from the previous episode’s ending, where the Banks family reunites in anticipation of the Founder’s Award announcement. Unexpectedly, Will embraces a new direction, adding an intriguing twist to the storyline. The conclusion of this episode left a lasting impact, and the third season will faithfully build upon it without unnecessary deviations. To fully grasp what awaits in the upcoming season, viewers will have to patiently await the release of the official synopsis.

Algee Smith, the talented actor portraying Carlton, has placed his complete faith in the writers’ storytelling prowess, allowing them to guide his character on an extraordinary journey. Despite Carlton’s ongoing battle with substance abuse, Smith has never envisioned a tragic fate befalling him. Instead, he eagerly anticipates Carlton’s path to recovery and envisions a future where his character can separate himself from his troubled classmate, Connor, who was entangled in the highly publicized N-word tape scandal that rocked the school in the previous season.

Bel Air Season 3 Official Trailer 

Not quite yet! The production for Bel Air season 3 is yet to begin, which means there isn’t a trailer available to share at the moment. However, keep a close eye on this space! Any exclusive first-look previews of the highly-anticipated third season will be shared here.

Rest assured, as new updates about Bel Air season 3 emerge, this story will be promptly updated to keep you in the loop.

Bel Air Season 3 Streaming Platform 

Bel-Air Season 3 Streaming Platform
Credit: Twitter

Bel Air can be enjoyed exclusively through streaming on Peacock, offering an immersive viewing experience. For viewers located in the United Kingdom, the first season is available for streaming on Sky Go and Now TV, ensuring that they too can delve into the captivating world of Bel Air.

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Comment below and tell us your favourite character from the Bel Air series and how excited you are for the third season to be premiered!

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