Bartender! How to become a Bartender? Detailed Guide


One of the most in-demand jobs in the hospitality sector, bartending is a fun and rewarding career option. A bartender needs to know how to make various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and tailor them to the preferences of the client. Maintaining the bar’s inventory is another duty of a bartender. This article will give you a detailed update on how to become a bartender

What is bartender?

The person who prepares and serves beverages at a bar is known as a bartender. In addition to serving drinks, bartenders frequently entertain customers with fascinating performances and gimmicks. The bartending courses that are taught in schools include a unit on this topic called Flair bartending. 


In general, bartender courses will also include some important topics related to the drinks like mixology, the brand of the liquor brands, and any law imposed on that alcohol. And lastly, the most important thing they teach during the training is the presentation of drinks and communication skills with the customers.

How to become a bartender?

How to become a bartender

No official education or training is needed to work as a bartender. Simply gaining experience will suffice to learn the skill. But reputable hotels and restaurants favour or only choose applicants with formal bartending instruction. So it is advised that those interested in this vocation look for courses in the area that are pertinent to their field.

The majority of the time, certificate or diploma programs in bartending are available. In the bartending license, there are no degree programs. A few degree programs in the hotel industry, nevertheless, may incorporate bartending as a course of study.

What a Bartender Studies to Become A Bartender?

What a Bartender Studies to Become A Bartender


Hotel management provides a wide variety of short-term bartending courses. A few bartending courses that one can take are listed below.

  • Professional bartending degree
  • Certificate in Flair Bartending and Mixology.
  • Course in Craftsmanship Certificate
  • Bartending
  • Wines and Spirits Certificate Program

Guide to Bartender diploma programs to become a Bartender

Bartending diploma programs

Bartending diploma programs are for one year, whereas certification programs often last 3-6 months. When considering bartending as a career, many students first enrol in a degree program in hotel management. The degree programs you can enroll in to begin your bartending career are listed below.

  • A bachelor’s degree in hospitality management and culinary arts (BHMCT)
  • Bachelor of Culinary Arts & Catering Technology (BCTCA)
  • Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Hospitality
  • Culinary Arts BA
  • Bachelor of Arts in Hotel & Hospitality management.

While obtaining a bachelor’s degree, many students enroll in bartending certificate courses. In general, postgraduate study is not required for a job in bartending.

Bartender Jobs

Bartender Jobs

The main jobs of a bartender would be –

  • Mix and serve drinks to customers in restaurants, pubs, and events. However, you would be in charge of the entire bar area.
  • It also includes customer service, inventory management, cleaning, and cash handling. 
  • Most likely, bartender jobs are taking orders from customers or staff while working behind a bar.
  • You can also be expected to serve food to customers, depending on the venue.

In addition to the above-mentioned tasks, a bartender also keeps track of the stock and products in his establishment. A bartender must make sure everything is in order before the restaurant opens for business, from the numerous drink types and brands to the various components utilised in cocktail mixing. 

In addition, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is another duty of a bartender. There are almost 2 bartenders available in each bar. You can contact and search for the vaccines by talking to the manager of the bar or the resto-bar. 

How much does a bartender make?

How much does a bartender make

In every profession, the first question comes about earning. Here also people are very curious about “how much a bartender makes a year“. A bartender salary is based on their experience, education, place of employment, college from where they followed their degree, and other factors. Through tips from clients, bartenders can potentially earn additional income.

Because a bartender’s pay consists of both wages and tips, it is difficult to say. However, advice will differ greatly based on where you are from and a host of other circumstances. Therefore, it might be challenging to estimate or determine the true income of a bartender. People in the USA have a great tipping culture, and tips account for the majority of their bartender salaries.

Bartender Salary 

Bartender Salary 

Due to the tipping custom, a bartender salary is greatly influenced by their state or city of origin, the establishment they work for, the shifts they work, and their skill level. Knowing exactly how much a certain bartender makes, as a result, is exceedingly challenging.

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  • As of 2021, the average hourly wage for a bartender, including tips, was roughly $13.90 ($28,910 annually)
  • On the other hand, the highest earners make $22.93 ($47,690 annually), according to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics). This is the most updated year on record.

How to Get A Bartending License to Become A Bartender?

How to Get A Bartending License to Become A Bartender

A bartending license is a state or municipality-issued accreditation for bartenders necessary to serve alcoholic beverages in some states. This is necessary to demonstrate that you have completed the state-approved courses and comprehend the regulations governing the sale of alcohol and other relevant matters.

  • Registration and Training

Obtain training if it is necessary for your area. You may, for instance, sign up for bartending training at a local college or even online. However, certain jurisdictions could force you to enroll in a particular course rather than letting you pick your curriculum. The license cost for bartenders must be paid. State-by-state variations in price and payment options include local sheriff’s offices, police stations, and health departments.

  • Earning Certification

Obtain a bartender certification if one is necessary for your area. It might go through both the fundamentals of providing drinks and the legislation governing their serving and consumption. The test you take can ask you about the risks of excessive consumption as well as whether or not IDs are checked before alcohol is served. It might even be as easy as enrolling in an online bartending school.

What is the Age to Become A Bartender?

What is the Age to Become A Bartender

The minimum age to become a Bartender is 21. Bartenders typically start with minimal pay at their lower age and can be employed as field interns because the position involves on-the-job training before one can become a professional. However, seasoned bartenders of  5 to 6 years experience can search for better employment options and make respectable wages if they start in this field early.

Final thought 

The perfect individual for a profession in bartending must possess several abilities that will enable them to do their duties more effectively. These include the capacity to multitask, be well organised, operate well under pressure, have the stamina to stand for extended periods, and have a charming attitude. Comment below and tell us why you want to become a bartender?

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