Top BBA colleges in Varanasi to consider before Admissions



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BBA enrollment in Varanasi is growing due to the field’s expanding employment opportunities and knowledge expansion. And it is now necessary to consider their requirements for the leading BBA colleges in Varanasi. As a result, we will discuss BBA institutions in Varanasi, their programmes, tuition costs, and other relevant information for individuals seeking to advance their careers in business management.

The main goal of BBA studies is to provide students with the knowledge and abilities necessary to comprehend how businesses operate. At BBA colleges in Varanasi, in their programs, the colleges offer syllabi like Effective communication in India, social-political economics, principal of management, etc. They also include Banking and insurance, Management accounting, Research methodology, Operation and supply chain management, and many more. So let’s look at some exceptional colleges with superior placement cells.

List of 10 BBA Colleges in Varanasi

1. Kashi Institute of Management and Science (Kashi IMS)

Kashi Institute of Management and Science, Varanasi

Kashi Institute is a private college or institute that provides high-standard BBA Programs for students. This university offers numerous facilities to the students, including a hostel facility separately for boys and girls, a cafeteria, a gym, etc. They also provide medical facilities for any emergency.

Moreover, the criterion for BBA eligibility in the finest BBA Colleges in Varanasi is the 12th pass. In addition, this college charges only 135,000 for three years of BBA study, the lowest fee in terms of quality. At last, compared to other universities, placements and employment chances are respectable.

2. Microtek College of Management and Technology

Microtek College of Management and Technology, Varanasi

Microtek University is one of the top BBA colleges in Varanasi. The range of placements is between 40 and 60 %, with 4 L.P.A. being considered the average. There is also a fantastic placement cell that assists students in finding internships and employment.

Besides, the college is well-equipped with the right kinds of infrastructure. The institution is well-known, featuring a library, smartboards, classrooms, labs, and WiFi. Also, the three-year fee for students is Rs 36,000 each year. Most intriguingly, there are extracurricular activities and sports available at universities in addition to high-quality BBA programmes.

3. Faculty of Management and Technology

Faculty of Management and Technology

The Faculty of Management and Technology University, one of the leading BBA colleges in Varanasi, is approved by the All India of technical education (A.I.C.T.E.), New Delhi and was established in 2002. They provide full-time bachelor’s degrees in management and computer applications and have limited seats.

The fee for the BBA Course is 90000 per year, a high amount compared to other colleges. Many more genuine courses are also accessible, like BCA, BBA, and MBA. You can complete the entrance application on his official website.

4. Dhirendra Mahila Post Graduate College (DMPGC)

Dhirendra Mahila Post Graduate College

The DMPGC College is a platform for best-in-class trainings and expertise to revolutionise the educational industry. BBA college costs a total of 2.5 lakhs, including exam costs. Also, they provide meals and hostel facilities, but they charge extra for them.

As these include in the best BBA colleges in Varanasi, they aim to be an educated society and impart education to women, who play a very important role in our country. In addition, this college provides sports, culture, law, and technical education. Finally, enrolling in this BBA college will be viewed as being highly advantageous for a student’s future.

5. School of Management Sciences

School of Management Sciences, Varanasi

The School of management Sciences is popularly known as SMS Varanasi. It is a N.A.A.C. Grade Accredited Institution. Additionally, attending one of the best BBA colleges in Varanasi looks to be a benefit for your profession in terms of a bright future.

Meanwhile, the duration of a BBA here is three years, with a three-year cost of about 2 lakhs. Besides, students at this college now have the chance to advance in their professions. They also provide students the chance to develop their communication abilities and reach their full potential.

6. Jeevandeep Institute of Management of Technology (JDMIT)

Jeevandeep Institue of management of technology, Varanasi

Every year, Jeevandeep Institute conducts admissions based on category-specific cutoffs that are made public. The official website  have that cutoff information available. You may use it to make your BBA programme application. In JDMIT, a three-year BBA programme costs Rs 24,000 each year.

Due to the fact that JDMIT provides both work and internships, this college has great placement. Nearly 70% of students get placed every year at JDMIT. This college’s largest employer was Amazon, which is very astonishing. Finally, organisations like Flipkart, I.C.I.C.I. bank, finance corporations, etc. provided training to the students.

7. Jeevandeep Mahavidyalaya

Jeevandeep Mahavidyalaya, Varanasi

Jeevandeep Mahavidyalaya is an ancient university that was founded in 2012 by Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh. There are just a few BBA seats available here. Students are placed in a variety of companies, including India Infoline and HDFC Bank. This firm offers salaries between 2 and 10 L.P.A.

In comparison to other universities, the infrastructure and educational standards are extremely high. As a result, it is regarded as the top BBA colleges in Varanasi. The colleges also hold tournaments for sports including basketball, football, chess, and others every year. As of 2022, the BBA’s annual fee is Rs 25700.

8. Raj School Of Management Sciences (Raj SMS)

Raj School Of Management Sciences (Raj SMS) Varanasi

The state board of education in Uttar Pradesh has partnered with Raj SMS college, the best BBA colleges in Varanasi, which has received approval from A.I.C.T.E. New Delhi. The mission of this college is to offer students opportunity, high-quality technical education, and a solid employment base. This college’s campus is free of pollution and has all the necessary amenities. The annual pricing structure for a BBA is Rs 25,000 including exam costs.

9. J.N.M. College for Advanced Studies and Technology (JNM)

J.N.M. College for Advanced Studies and Technology (JNM) Varanasi

Another top BBA college in Varanasi, J.N.M. College, has a supportive environment and phenomenal facilities, including large classrooms and an air-conditioned auditorium. This university has government recognition. Also, Scholarships are offered to students that excel in their academics. They also offered students access to libraries with a large selection of books, foreign journals, and research materials. Consequently, earning a degree from one of the greatest BBA colleges in Varanasi is ideal.

10. Harish Chandra Post Graduate College

Harish Chandra Post Graduate College, Varanasi

Harish Chandra college is the best BBA college in Varanasi because the college includes all the world-class facilities like the library and all for the betterment of the students. It is Varanasi’s oldest college and the government institution. This college gives a better education and is good exposure for students on all fronts. They provide around 60 seats for the students, and their fee structure is around 16000 per semester as of 2022.


We hope this article may be found helpful to those students who all are pursuing their careers in top BBA colleges in Varanasi. After completing BBA there are multiple opportunities in choosing your career and profession for your future endeavours.

With a BBA degree, you may get a high chance and scope for your future if you completed this degree withthe above list of BBA colleges in Varanasi, so there are multiple other programs to pursue a master’s after BBA.

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