Top BBA Colleges in Surat to start your Graduation

Surat is a large city in Gujarat and is well known for the commercial textile market. The city has around 16 BBA colleges in total. Most of them are private colleges, with 14 in Surat and two in the public sector. The reason to refer to BBA colleges in Surat is that the city offers a good quality education at a relatively lower cost when compared to other cities. The colleges in Surat also have good infrastructure and facilities.

Top BBA Colleges in Surat

BBA Colleges in Surat

Many private, government and convent educational institutions are sprouting up in Surat, which has made it an education hotspot. BBA colleges in Surat provide high-quality education and good job prospects for students who pursue a management career after class 12th. This program teaches you how to handle a firm and its operations. BBA can be studied by those from all three primary disciplines: science, the arts, and commerce. Here are the best colleges for BBA in Surat you can consider.

1. Auro University, Surat

Auro University, Surat

Auro University, Surat is a Private University in Surat, Gujarat. It was established through Gujarat Act No. 25th of October 2011. The University has a variety of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Executive programs in Management, Law, Design, Arts, and Mass Communication, such as the BBA, BJMC, MBA, and LLM. The admission and tuition fees for BBA degree course at Auro University is INR 311000. Special focus on Business administration and management courses earn AU the top spot among best BBA colleges in Surat.

2. Veer Narmad South Gujarat University [VNSGU]

Veer Narmad South Gujarat University

The Veer Narmad South Gujarat University is a public institution in Surat, Gujarat, India. The university was formerly called South Gujarat University and was renamed VNSGU in 2004 in memory of the famous Gujarati poet and scholar Narmad. There are around 200+ VNSGU BBA colleges in Surat out of a total of 290. The annual fee for BBA first year is INR 27310.

3. P P. Savani University, Surat

Dr P. P. Savani University, commonly known as PPSU, is a constituent of the Dr P. P Savani Group in Surat, Gujarat. The institution provides five specializations in BSc Nursing, BA (H), 3 specializations in BBA (H), and Integrated BCom+MBA, and 5 specialities under BTech.

PPSU also has two specializations for MSc are available to candidates with a master’s degree who take entrance examinations for some UG courses, while admissions are merit-based for others. The total fee for BBA first year is INR 198500.

4. BRCM College of Business Administration, Gujarat

BRCM College of Business Administration, Gujarat

The objective of the BRCM college is to assist students in using their capabilities to become receptive, modest, and exceptional. BRCM has grown into a prestigious educational program due to its success in receiving support from the Balaram Hanumandas Charitable Trust for donations and encouragement.

It offers a full-time bachelor’s degree in Business Administration as part of its entire education curriculum. Since the institution emphasizes business and administration education, it ranks among the best BBA colleges in Surat. The admission fees for the first year of BBA is INR 44350.

5. Bhagwan Mahavir College of Business Administration, Surat

Bhagwan Mahavir College of Business Administration, Surat

The Bhagwan Mahavir College of Business Administration, Surat, was founded to offer high-level education to its students. This institution is located in the well-regarded state of Gujarat and is run by the Bhagwan Mahavir Education Foundation, a registered trust.

Furthermore, being one of the best BBA colleges in Surat, it offers a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at a tuition fee of INR 45000 for the first year. Apart from that, the college also offers all students a variety of basic amenities and services on its vast campus.

6. Vivekanand College Surat

vivekanand college surat

Out of BBA colleges in Surat affiliated with VNSGU, Vivekanand College is well-known for offering courses in BBA, BCom, BCA, and BEd. The focus is given to courses in Business and Management studies thoroughly. In 2001, Vivekanand College was founded to educate students in various subjects such as computers, commerce, education and management.

It is located near Saroli Bridge on Jahangirpura Road, away from the bustle of the city, thus offering a tranquil and conducive learning environment. The tuition fees for BBA degree first year is INR 25420.

7. Udhna Citizen Commerce College, Surat

Udhna Citizen Commerce College, Surat

Udhna Citizen Commerce College is also affiliated with the VNSGU and is renowned among the top BBA colleges in Surat. Since June 2002, it has been a Premier Education Institute and a Pioneer among Self-Financed Degree Colleges. The Trust was formed in 1964 to meet the needs of the people of the Udhna region and South Gujarat’s educational system. The popular degree courses available at UCC college are BBA, BCA, and BCom. The college has tuition fee of Rs. 20,800/- for BBA first year admission.

8. Metas Advent College

Metas Advent College, Surat

Metas Advent College was founded in 1998. Metas Adventist College is one of the few prestigious institutions to start MBA, BBA, and general nursing programs in Surat. Furthermore, the school provides Nursing and Management degrees. The entrance examination and Personal Interview are used to assess students’ eligibility for admission.

The college currently has a total enrollment of 1061 students studying management and nursing at the degree level. The application process is completed online. To get admission to BBA and BCom courses, students have to secure their name on the merit list without an entrance exam. The tuition fee for BBA first year at MAC is INR 48000.

9. SDJ International College

SDJ International College, Surat

Paras Education Trust runs SDJ International College, a private college founded in 2012. The institution is one of the top higher-education institutions in Gujarat. Each year, the school enrols over 1000 students in BBA, BCom, and BCA undergraduate programmes. Admissions are based on merit after passing the previous qualifying examination. SDJIC is one of the BBA colleges in Surat that accepts applications through the online application system. The colleges has tuition fee of INR 24,520 for BBA first year admission.

10. Ambaba Commerce College

ambaba commerce college, surat

Ambaba Commerce College, Maniba Institute of Business Management, Deviba Institute of Computer Application is a self-financed institution in Surat, Gujarat. The school was founded in 2004. With an ‘A’ grade from the NAAC, The Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat is a NAAC-accredited university with an ‘A’ grade.

Along with Ambaba Commerce College, Maniba Institute of Business Management, Deviba Institute of Computer Application, 60 grant-in-aid colleges, 285 self-financed institutions and 100 postgraduate institutions are also affiliated with VNSGU. The admission fee for admission to BBA degree first year is between INR 30,000 and 35,000.


The field of business can take you almost anywhere in the world. If you are looking for a well-rounded education with plenty of opportunities to network and gain real-world experience, a BBA program may be the right choice. When choosing a college, it’s important to consider all of your options and find the school that fits your needs. Hopefully, this list of BBA colleges in Surat has helped narrow down your choices and given you some idea of what to look for when making your decision.

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