Barry Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot & More

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There’s a lot to look forward to in 2023, which definitely includes Barry’s fourth season premiere. If you scroll down this article, you can see HBO hyping up all the new content coming your way next year. This aligns with what we previously heard from Casey Bloys, head of the premium-cable network. The goal is to launch Barry Season 4 in spring to be eligible for the 2023 Emmys. We’re well aware that there’s already some progress being made, so we’re aiming towards some fantastic stuff.

Barry’s third season aired on HBO back in June. The third season saw Barry (Bill Hader) being convicted for his crimes and taken to jail, with his handler Fuches (Stephen Root) also going to prison after believing the lie that he was “The Raven,” a notorious Chechen assassin. Meanwhile, No-Ho Hank (Anthony Carrigan) ended season three of Barry on an ambiguous but melancholy note, as did Sally (Sarah Goldberg).

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Why Viewers loved Barry Season 3?

What is it that makes cinephiles spin around? Barry’s use of sound design is enough to make film fans dizzy. The now-famous sequences begin in Barry penultimate finale, where he stands on a beach looking up at an unseen crack or opening in the sky. Metal and machinery clanking, churning, and bashing rain down on the character. This place in the sky above the sea is hell or something similar, and we understand it just by hearing it – no special effects, CGI, or gimmicks are required.

Meanwhile, in another scene, a NoHo Hank mows down his cellmate after breaking free from his shackles and shooting a tiger that has just destroyed his cellmate on the other side of the wall. Before chewing, ripping, and munching on the dead man’s flesh, he stares at Barry with a look that says, “I’m not even close to done with you.”

This is the kind of show where we see Barry Berkman slowly but surely becoming the monster, he believes himself to be. By season’s end, it’s Barry vs NoHo Hank in a bloody, brutal battle to the death – and it’s one of the best things on television.

The biggest news about the next season’s plot is that Bill Hader will direct all eight episodes. Although audiences are still trying to process season 3, Hader isn’t too worried about where the story goes from here. He knows there is still so much more to it. These characters have barely begun picking up and rebuilding their lives after all the destruction.

Barry is a show like no other. Hader is only just finding his niche with the writing, but fans are already anxious to see what season two will bring. While character fallout seems difficult to mend, Hader promises fresh surprises that viewers won’t want to miss.

Show Name Barry Season 4
Total Seasons 3
Genre Black Comedy Crime Drama
Lead Role Bill Hader
Country of Origin US
Original Network HBO

What’s going to be Barry Season 4 Release Date?

Barry Season 4 release date

Barry season 4 may be airing at any moment since the Covid-19 epidemic disrupted the series’ short off-season routine. We waited less than a year from the season 2 renewal (on April 12, 2018) to the season 2 premiere (March 31, 2019).

After season 3 was renewed, production shut down before any episodes could be filmed. As a result, season 3 will premiere two years after it was renewed (April 19, 2019, to April 24, 2022).

With studios now having had a chance to adjust their production schedules to accommodate the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we predict that Barry season 4 could arrive as early as spring 2023. Of course, this timeline is subject to change depending on future outbreak waves that could halt testing and production.

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Barry Season 4 Cast

Barry Season 4 cast


Bill Hader will play the lead role in Barry season 4 as Barry Berkman / Barry Block. For those unfamiliar with the character, he is a former Marine from Cleveland who eventually became a hitman before trying his hand at acting. This time around, though, things will be different for Barry – he’s going to jail.

Hader will most likely be joined by returning cast members in Barry Season 4:

  • Monroe Fuches, Barry’s family friend and hitman trainer, is played by Stephen Root.
  • Gene Cousineau, an acting coach, is portrayed by Harry Winkler.
  • Sarah Goldberg, who plays Sally Reed, an acting student and Barry’s now ex-girlfriend
  • Anthony Carrigan portrays NoHo Hank, a leader in the Chechen mafia.
  • Mae Dunn, the LAPD’s Detective Mae Dunn, is played by Nicole Beharie.
  • Natalie Greer is played by D’Arcy Carden (“The Good Place”) as an actress and a former friend of Sally.
  • Michael Irby stars as Cristobal Sifuentes, the leader of the Bolivian mafia.

It’s wonderful that Cristobal is still alive, as NoHo Hank rescued him in the finale. We also anticipate James Hiroyuki Liaobar returning as FBI Agent Albert Nguyen, Barry’s old military buddy who let him go. Furthermore, we expect Robert Wisdom to return as Janice Moss’ father, Jim.

What’s Barry season 4 plot be like?

Barry season 4 plot


The major issue for Barry season 4 is, “When will Barry be able to get out of this bind?” Because while the titular killer who just wants to act has spent the better part of three seasons attempting to flee the one task he’s fantastic at, he must now figure out how to flee. It’s possible that Gene Cousineau and Jim Moss had a role in arranging for Barry’s capture, but it appears that they might be keeping an eye on him.

There’s also some comic timing to Barry being arrested. He might be able to get out of prison and find Fuches, his former mentor because the latter was caught near the end of the season.

Then there’s the tale of NoHo Hank and Cristobal. Now that our favorite Chechen mobster has rescued his lover, the two must return home safely. In the Barry universe, it’s likely that they won’t have a safe journey home, and there will be more trouble to avoid. After they’ve returned home in one piece, we expect these lovers to want the same thing as Barry: to get away from crime for good.

Finally, let’s give a moment to Sally, who is undoubtedly furious that she isn’t receiving a higher charge here. Returning to Joplin to reconnect with her roots, Sally now has an adversary in former friend Natalie Greer. But considering how this show works, we’re sure the two will wind up collaborating again in Barry Season 4, just like Cousineau on his own forgiveness tour.

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