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Employment opportunity for Aviation Enforcement Agent – US Air and Marine Operations.

US Air and Marine Operations
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Job type: On Field operations.

Job Location: United States.

Employing body: US Customs and Border Protection.

Department: US Air and Marine Operations.

Job Description:

Position: Aviation Enforcement Agent – US Air and Marine Operations.

About the governing body:

About the Aviation Enforcement Agent

United States Customs and Border Protection patrols all of the US country’s borders, both land and sea equating to a distance of almost 8,000 miles. Air and Marine Operations (AMO) brings together individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds, skill, and experience, all unified by a shared mission. If you’re ready to be a part of something greater, there’s a place for you on our team .Air and Marine Operations (AMO) Agents serve the nation by sky, sea, or land, commanding a ready fleet of aircraft and vessels under a single, unified mission.

These agents are the first one to respond in case of a security threat or humanitarian support for the nation.Soldiers at Air and Marine Operations  work with passion and discipline to guard national security and prosperity.

About the role of Aviation Enforcement Agent:

About the Aviation Enforcement Agent

Aviation Enforcement Agents are valuable members of the Federal Law Enforcement Officer profession. They conduct aviation and maritime surveillance operations to detect, identify, track and coordinate the interdiction of threats approaching or operating within the borders of the United States. As an Aviation Enforcement Agent, you will conduct airborne law enforcement operations involving the detection, interdiction, and apprehension of terrorists, terrorist weapons and other contraband, and persons from illegally entering or attacking the United States.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Duties and Responsibilities of Aviation Enforcement Agent

  • Operating sophisticated airborne sensors to intercept, apprehend, or disrupt threats in the land, sea, and air domains.
  • Working with state, local, and other federal law enforcement partners.
  • Executing warrants and seizing evidentiary items; and
  • Responding to law enforcement incidents as a tactical team member
  • Operate radio and satellite communications, radar equipment, and other systems.
  • Generate information using investigative techniques.
  • Prepare reports identifying trends and patterns in aviation activities.

Also apply for: Air Interdiction Agent


Requirements of Aviation Enforcement Agent

  • Be a U.S. Citizen.
  • Referred for selection prior to age 37; waiver for veteran preference eligibles.
  • Have a valid driver’s licence.
  • Have resided in the U.S. for at least 3 of the last five years (military exception).
  • Be eligible to carry a firearm.
  • Be willing to travel.
  • Pass the application process.
  • Have a current FAA medical certificate (Class II) or above
  • A detailed resume that clearly documents your qualifications

Application process

Apply, Qualification review, Background investigation, Fitness test, Drug test, Polygraph exam, and Completion of the Air and Marine basic training program.

Salary and Pay:

Salary and Pay of Aviation Enforcement Agent

  • Salary will correspond to basic grade level, as quoted on USAJOBS.

Example annual compensation for the following grades of new-hire locations which are currently authorised to receive LEAP (amounts below include RUS + LEAP).

  1. GL-05, 1st year annual pay – $55,681
  2. GL-07, 1st year annual pay – $63,380
  3. GL-09, 1st year annual pay – $70,826
  4. GS-11, 1st year annual pay – $82,768
  5. GS-12, 1st year annual pay – $99,204
  • Agents may receive pay on top of their salary, depending on what county they will be working in.
  • Outstanding performers may receive cash awards as recognition for their superior efforts (if funding permits).
  • Officers readily accessible and willing to work scheduled and unscheduled overtime (excess of a 40-hour work week), and will be compensated accordingly.
  • Officers are also entitled for health insurance, life insurance and other generous retirement benefits that are provided

As an Aviation Enforcement Agent (AEA), your job is not only exciting, but also features rewarding benefits. You have the stability of a federal job, as well as several benefits that are only available to law enforcement positions, such as law enforcement 6(c) retirement coverage. Working as an Aviation Enforcement Agent sets you up well for the long-term.

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