Was Ashley Marti “embarrassed” to Show Up in BDSY 3 Reunion?

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Below Deck Sailing Yacht (BDSY) season 3 filmed in a luxurious chartered  Parsifall III yacht is intensely habit-forming and more gripping this time. All thanks to cramped quarters, windy working conditions, and daring Crew members.

Are you too wondering if Ashley Marti is embarrassed to show up in the Reunion episode? Stay tuned to find out surprising revelations about what led Ashey to skip the reunion.

Highlights: BDSY 

Below Deck Sailing Yacht


Reality Show

No. of Episodes


No. of Seasons


Premiered on Network

Bravo TV

Premier Date

21st February 2022

Filmed In 


An Overview of the BDSY 3 Show

This season, the Parsifal III yacht is set the explore the magnificent blue waters of the Ionian Sea with an all-new crew. This show has garnered much appreciation from the audience. This show follows Captain Glenn and his crew and their struggles of working in jam-packed quarters. How the crew members deal with the numerous challenges they face while serving their elite guests.

The show gives you an exclusive scoop on surprising hook-ups, yachting emergencies, injuries, drama, and incredible guests.

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Cast Members of BDSY Season 3


Glen Shephard

Chief Engineer

Colin Macrae

First Officer

Gary King


Macros Spaziani

Chief Stewardess

Daisy Kelliher

2nd Stewardess

Gabriella Barragan

3rd Stewardess

Ashley Marti

Controversies that took over the BDSY 3 show before the Reunion?

Ashley Marti BDSY 3

Missing out on a reunion is a cardinal sin in the words of Bravo, yet Ashey Marti decided to abstain from showing up at the reunion. In the recent season, the stewardess ended up gathering much criticism from the fans of BDSY, mainly for two reasons-

  • Ashley Marti wanted to get into a committed relationship with Gary. Gary too found her attractive but in no way was willing to make any serious commitment at the moment. 

During a night off, when Gary King was quite heavily drunk, she despite his resentment took him to one of the guest’s room and hooked up. Gary was completely ignorant of the incident when he woke up the next morning. This behavior of Ashley outraged many viewers who took this incident as Gary’s sexual assault.

  • Ashley Marti did not appreciate when Gary flirted with other lady crew members i.e. Daisy and Gabriella.  When Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher chose Gabriella Barragan over Ashley, she behaved very rudely. As she thought, Gabreilla to be unworthy of the position. The viewers did not appreciate such arrogant behavior of Ashley. 

What did Ashley Marti say about her not showing up at the BDSY 3 Reunion?

What did Ashley Marti say about her not showing up at the BDSY 3 Reunion?

Ashley has been one of the most controversial stewards who ever appeared in the BDSY show. Speculations were quite high that Ashley is embarrassed due to her harsh behavior with Gabriella and forced hookup with Gary. But she made no such remarks officially.

Ashley Marti took to her Instagram handle on June 26th to announce her decision of renouncing her appearance at the Reunion. She explained that at the time the Reunion was filmed, she lacked the right energy or the willingness to continue being a plaything for Bravo. Further, she felt that she would not be able to adequately tell her story due to Bravo’s editing.

She also feared that she wouldn’t be able to tell her side of the story to the audience while people were being so mean to her. She also accused Bravo of being mean while editing and claiming that he could tamper with her statements to portray her incorrectly.

She also charged Bravo for inadequate pay and that she makes more money from her paid subscriptions than shooting for BDSY 3.

She also expressed gratitude to her fans for restoring their faith in her and standing by her during difficult times. She also promised to go live later and answer all of her fans’ questions.

She also apologized to her fans who were looking forward to her presence at the Reunion and asked them to respect her decision. 

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How did Ashley Marti’s absence from the reunion affect viewers, Bravo, and her other Crew members?

How did Ashley Marti's absence from the reunion affect viewers, Bravo, and her other Crew members?

Most viewers were disappointed by the absence of the former BDSY crew member because they expected to find out why Ashley did this. Many mocked her for citing incorrect portrayal due to Bravo’s editing as her reason for skipping the Reunion episode.

Talking of the other crew members, only Marcos Spaziani came to her rescue and said that probably she missed the event owing to her hectic schedule. Listening to this plea, Daisy Kelliher immediately shuns him saying they all are busy.

Gary admitted that, while he is not friends with Ashley Marti, he believes that people have been too tough on her. And, people must give her some privacy.

Owing to the fuming controversies and disagreements Ashley will no further feature on BDSY next season.

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