Archer Season 14 Release Date, Renewal Status, Plot, Cast and Episodes!

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Archer, which premiered in 2009, is now coming to a close with Archer Season 14, marking the end of an era. Throughout its run, the show has taken viewers on a thrilling and unpredictable journey alongside Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin), the self-proclaimed “world’s greatest spy,” and his dysfunctional colleagues at the International Secret Intelligence Service.

Archer Season 14
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Adam Reed’s creation has achieved unparalleled success by expertly blending tongue-in-cheek parodies of espionage conventions with intricate character development and intricate storylines. In an ever-evolving television landscape that has seen significant changes in the spy genre, Archer has surpassed all expectations, captivating audiences with its irreverent humor, sharp wit, and unforgettable characters.

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Archer Season 14 Renewal Status 

Archer Season 14 Renewal Status
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While FX has yet to make an official renewal announcement for Season 14 of the series, the production news was unexpectedly unveiled by Chris Parnell, one of the stars of the show, in January. This delightful revelation has brought joy to fans, especially after the airing of Season 13 from August to October 2022.

Series Name

Archer Season 14



Total Seasons


Evil Season 4 Release Date

August 30th 2023

Original Network

FX Networks, Hulu.

Archer Season 14 Release Date 

Archer Season 14 releasing date
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Mark your calendars for August 30th as that’s when Archer Season 14 is set to make its grand debut on FXX. Get ready for a double dose of excitement, as the season will kick off with not one, but two back-to-back episodes starting at 10 p.m. ET/PT. And here’s some good news for Hulu subscribers: the episodes will be available on the platform the very next day.

While the previous three seasons of Archer consisted of eight episodes each, the episode count for Season 14 has yet to be confirmed. Stay tuned for updates on how many thrilling adventures await us in this highly anticipated season.

Archer Season 14 Cast 

Archer Season 14 cast
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Archer Season 14 welcomes back an exceptional ensemble of voice actors, led by the suave and self-proclaimed “world’s greatest spy,” Sterling Archer, voiced by the talented Benjamin. With his razor-sharp wit, thirst for adventure, and an appetite for danger, Archer is a highly skilled secret agent with a rebellious personality. Despite his egotism and impulsive behavior, his undeniable charm and quick thinking often lead him to triumph in perilous situations. Beneath his bravado lies a complex past and a tumultuous relationship, providing insight into his sometimes child-like demeanor.

Joining him is the talented Aisha Tyler, lending her voice to the spy with a complicated love life, Lana Kane. Lana possesses a remarkable combination of intelligence, physical prowess, and unwavering determination, making her an invaluable asset to the agency.

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Get ready to burst into laughter with Judy Greer, who brilliantly brings to life the wonderfully unhinged office assistant in relentless pursuit of a peculiar skill, known as Cheryl/Carol Tunt. Brace yourself for hilarious moments as Cheryl/Carol’s unique and unpredictable antics add a delightful touch of chaos to the world of Archer.Chris Parnell brings his comedic prowess to the role of Cyril Figgis, the dependable company man who frequently finds himself entangled in chaos. Amber Nash infuses her infectious energy into Pam Poovey, the enthusiastic former Human Resources Director at the agency who is always up to some mischievous endeavors. Creator Adam Reed also steps into the recording booth, lending his voice to the opportunistic Ray Gillette, while Lucky Yates portrays the mad scientist and mastermind behind wild experiments, Algernop Krieger. Together, this talented cast brings the vibrant characters of Archer to life in their own unique and captivating ways.

And that’s not all! Brace yourself for an exciting addition to the team in Archer Season 14. Natalie Dew (known for her role in Peter Rabbit) joins the cast as Zara Khan, the gang’s newest super-agent. Prepare to meet this fresh face and witness how her presence adds a new level of humor and excitement to the already hilarious dynamics of the group. Get ready for the unexpected twists and turns that come with Zara’s arrival in the world of Archer.

Archer Season 14 Plot 

Archer Season 14 plot
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Prepare yourself for an avalanche of outrageous schemes, incredible mishaps, and the trademark banter that only the dysfunctional crew of the International Secret Intelligence Service can deliver Archer Season 14 takes TV’s adored secret agents, under the leadership of the dynamic Lana, on an adventurous journey of their own making. Their ambitious goal? To amass a fortune while also preserving global security and relishing every moment. However, managing a spy agency proves to be anything but easy. Brace yourself for the challenges and thrills that lie ahead as the team navigates the intricate world of espionage with their characteristic flair.

Under Lana’s expert guidance, buckle up for a wild rollercoaster of comedy, chaos, and clever maneuvers that will have you doubled over in laughter. The fourteenth and final season thrusts them into hilarious escapades, grappling with the unpredictable twists and turns that come with their unconventional profession. Archer Season 14 is primed to be an explosive joyride as Archer and his quirky team navigate the realm of espionage with their signature brand of oddity and panache. Get ready for a riotous adventure like no other!

In the preceding season of Archer, a seismic shift occurred as Archer and The Agency fell into the hands of Fabian Kingsworth and the formidable spy conglomerate known as IIA (International Intelligence Agency). This unexpected turn of events catapulted our beloved gang into uncharted territory, forcing them to adapt to their new reality. With Fabian now calling the shots, they embarked on a series of peculiar missions that pushed the boundaries of their skills and tested their resilience in ways they never imagined. Join Archer and his comrades as they navigate the complexities of their altered circumstances, bringing their trademark wit and resourcefulness to the forefront.

Archer Season 14 Official Trailer 

The wait for Archer Season 14 continues as fans eagerly anticipate the release of the official trailer. Although details and teasers about the highly anticipated season may be sparse at the moment, the excitement and anticipation among fans remain palpable. As viewers eagerly await a glimpse into the thrilling new adventures that lie ahead for Sterling Archer, it’s essential to stay tuned for updates and keep a lookout for the highly anticipated Archer Season 14 trailer, which is sure to offer a tantalizing sneak peek into what’s to come.

Archer Season 14 Streaming Platform

All seasons of Archer have been conveniently available on FX Networks and Hulu, allowing fans to indulge in the hilariously irreverent adventures of Sterling Archer and his dysfunctional crew. Similarly, the upcoming season will continue to be accessible on these platforms. Additionally, fans can also catch Archer on Netflix, providing even more options for enjoying the comedic brilliance of this beloved animated series

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