Bigg Boss OTT 2: Akanksha Puri Net Worth, Family & Controversies

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Akanksha Puri rose to prominence during her appearance on Bigg Boss season 13, where she was introduced as Paras Chhabra’s girlfriend. However, their relationship encountered turbulence when Paras grew closer to fellow contestant Mahira Sharma, leading to a virtual breakup that was accompanied by Akanksha expressing her discontent publicly.

Akanksha Puri
Credit: https://www.instagram.com/akanksha8000/

Despite the challenges they faced, Akanksha made subsequent appearances on the show as a guest and even as a challenger in later seasons. She revealed that participating in the reality show had always been a desire of hers, but due to conflicting schedules, the opportunity had never aligned until then. And well, her wish just came true with Bigg Boss OTT making it’s come back for season 2!

In this article we will understand in detail who exactly is Akanksha Puri, her personal life along with her professional life that includes the controversies.

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Akanksha Puri Biography 

Akanksha Puri, a talented television actress and model, was born and raised in a small town middle-class family in India. From a young age, she displayed a natural flair for acting and took part in various school plays and local theater productions. With dreams of making it big in the entertainment industry, Akanksha moved to Mumbai to pursue her aspirations.

She began her career as a model and soon caught the attention of casting directors. Her breakthrough came when she landed her first television role, captivating audiences with her beauty, grace, and acting prowess. Since then, Akanksha Puri has been carving a successful path in the world of television and continues to shine brightly in the industry.

Akanksha Puri Family

Akanksha Puri family
Credit: https://www.instagram.com/akanksha8000/

Akanksha Puri comes from a diverse and accomplished family background. Her father, R.K. Puri, brings a wealth of experience as a retired Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP). Her mother, Chitra Puri, is an esteemed astrologer, adding a unique perspective to their household. In addition, Akanksha has a brother named Amitesh Puri, who has pursued a successful career as a businessman.

Akanksha Puri Net Worth

Akanksha Puri net worth
Credit: https://www.instagram.com/akanksha8000/

Akanksha Puri is an Indian television actress and model known for her work in the entertainment industry. It is estimated that her success in various television shows and modeling assignments has contributed to a substantial net worth of around $2-3 million. Puri has appeared in popular TV serials like “Vighnaharta Ganesha” and has also been a part of several modeling campaigns. With her talent and recognition, she has undoubtedly amassed a significant net worth in her career. And ofcourse, now that she has made her entry in the controversial house- Bigg Boss OTT 2, her career is all set to skyrocket.

Akanksha Puri Age

Akanksha puri age
Credit: https://www.instagram.com/akanksha8000/

Akanksha Puri is a talented television actress and model. Born on July 26, 1988, she is currently 34 years old. With her versatility and charm, she continues to make a mark in the entertainment industry.

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Akanksha Puri Height

Akanksha Puri, the talented television actress and model, stands tall with an impressive height. Although specific details may vary, it is reported that she is approximately around 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) in height. Her graceful presence and captivating screen presence have made her a sought-after personality in the entertainment industry.

Akanksha Puri & Mika Singh Controversy 

Akanksha Puri & Mika singh controversy
Credit: https://www.instagram.com/akanksha8000/

Television actress Akanksha Puri has been making headlines for her personal life, particularly her relationship with singer Mika Singh. Akanksha gained attention when she entered the show “Swayamwar – Mika Di Vohti” as a wild-card contestant. Despite criticism from other participants for not realizing her love for Mika earlier, Akanksha explained that seeing him with other girls prompted her to make a wild-card entry. Her decision paid off as Mika recognized her love and chose her as his life partner.

Akanksha Puri & Paras Chhabra Controversy 

Akanksha Puri & Paras chabra controversy
Credit: https://www.instagram.com/akanksha8000/

Paras Chhabra who rose to fame after his entry in Bigg Boss 13 house, was in a deeply committed relationship with his Akanksha Puri for over two years. The duo had worked together for a project and ever since started dating each other. Their affectionate social media posts and sweet captions served as inspiration for many couples. Akanksha even got a tattoo of Paras’ name on her wrist as a symbol of love and admiration.

However, when Paras entered the Bigg Boss house, his growing closeness to fellow contestant Mahira Sharma became the talk of the town. He made some surprising revelations about his relationship with Akanksha, leaving her heartbroken. Despite this, Akanksha stood firm on her love for Paras and supported him throughout.

Paras Chhabra and Akanksha Puri had captured the hearts of many with their adorable pictures and undeniable chemistry. However, in January 2020, Paras publicly announced their breakup, urging Akanksha to move on. This unexpected news shocked their fans, who had hoped for their marriage. Unfortunately, their split turned ugly, with both Paras and Akanksha engaging in a war of words, tarnishing each other’s names. They made comments about each other’s careers, choices, and even character, leaving their followers disheartened.

With garnering enough attention towards herself, Akanksha Puri seems like a perfect fit for the Bigg Boss OTT house. She has already started stirring up things with her skills and smart manipulation which is appreciated by the fans, as of now. It’s too soon to mention if she looks like a long runner in this race, but Akanksha definitely adds to the drama quotient in the controversial show. Let’s keep up with the show to understand what Akanksha Puri has in store for us!

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