US Air and Marine Operations – Air Interdiction Agent


Employment opportunity for Air Interdiction Agent – US Air and Marine Operations.

US Air and Marine Operations
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Job type: On Field operations.

Job Location: United States.

Employing body: US Customs and Border Protection.

Department: US Air and Marine Operations.

Job Description:

Position: Air Interdiction Agent– US Air and Marine Operations.

About the governing body:

US Air and Marine Operations

United States Customs and Border Protection patrols all of the US country’s borders, both land and sea, equating to a distance of almost 8,000 miles, including The Atlantic coast, the Pacific coast, the Gulf coast, the Great Lakes, the Canadian border, and the Mexican border. Air and Marine Operations (AMO) Agents serve the nation by sky, sea, or land,

commanding a ready fleet of aircraft and vessels under a single, unified mission.AMO agents are the first one to respond in case of a security threat or humanitarian support for the nation. Soldiers at Air and Marine Operations work with passion and discipline to guard national security and prosperity.

The US Air and Marine Operations is one of the most prominent security organizations in the United States response for the security within the nations as well as on the borders of the country. The AMO had recently launched notification for several prestegious posts/vacancies within the organisation with several employee benefits. The AMO is looking for diligent, courageous and har working candidates for these positions. More information is available at: amoapplicantcare@cbp.dhs.gov

Eligibility for the post of Air Interdiction Agent at AMO

Eligibility for the post of Air Interdiction Agent at AMO

Applicants is required to be: 

  • A citizen of the United States of America
  • The aspirations must have a valid ID proof 
  • Must have resided in America for at least 3 of the last five years. Information about exceptions regarding the same can be found on the website. 
  • Must be eligible to carry a firearm. 
  • Must be referred for selection before 40 years of age. 
  • Must enjoy and be willing to travel. A Job at AMO would require excessive travelling (both domestic and foreign assignments included)
  • Must clear the application process as listed on the official website of the AMO.

Also apply for: CBP Officers

A candidate maybe be disqualified from the process if his background includes:

  • Usage of illegal drugs or involved in the sale of illegal drugs. 
  • Any sorts of convictions including domestic violence charge et cetera. 
  • Involvement in human trafficking or international harbouring of undocumented no citizens. Concealment of the same would also be considered an offence. 

How to Apply?

How to Apply for Air Interdiction Agent

  • The first step is to visit the official website and looks at all the available employment opportunities. 
  • To begin the application process, the candidate must send his updated resume to an AMO recruiter. 
  • An AMO recruiter will carefully review the candidate’s qualifications and provide an individual with additional forms. 
  • The AMO recruiter may also ask for other documents. It is essential to be vigilant and keep track of the conversation.
  • AMO recruiter can also guide a person in case of any queries and information regarding the organisation.
  • To proceed with the application, click on the preferred position on USAJOBS by looking for the position title and finding the link (Apply Now). 
  • The candidate must create a USAJOBS account by signing up with proper information. 
  • After completing the application form, the candidate must submit the documents such as a resume, ID proof, transcript and veteran certificate if applicable.
  • The application links can also be found on the official AMO website. 

The Process of selection 

The Process of selection for Air Interdiction Agent

  • The candidate must undergo and pass a thorough background investigation. The details for the same can be found on the official AMO website. 
  • The candidate may or may not be needed to take a standardized polygraph exam as part of the application process
  • Medical Exam: Hearing and Vision requirements. Check the official AMO website for further details. 
  • Fitness test: the candidate would be asked to do 20 situps and 12 push-ups in one minute each. 12″ Step and 120 steps per minute would be needed as well in a total of 5 minutes.

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