Agneepath Scheme Controversy Update on Agnipath Scheme Protest

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Agnipath Scheme Protest is what is making the news these days. After the government launched this controversial Army recruitment scheme, youth began protesting against the ruling government. The Agneepath scheme issues have finally turned into a political agenda, and opposition leaders have stepped up against the controversial move. Let’s learn more about the scheme and how the nation responds to this reform.   

The Beginning of the Agneepath Scheme Protest

agnipath scheme protest

On June 14, the government announced the Agnipath Scheme to equip the defence forces with a modernized structure. The aim is to enhance the efficiency of army soldiers by recruiting fit and eligible candidates for the posts. That’s where the Agneepath scheme controversy sparked, and people, especially youth, took their rage to the streets. However, it’s not just the “No-pension” factor; there are several other reasons why it’s happening.

The government has proposed the post of Aginiveer for the finally selected candidates for 4 years. But after that, only 25% of the 46000 selected army personnel would be employed permanently. No CSD services, exclusion of allowances, and no career assurance added further insult to the injuries of hundreds of thousands of army hopefuls. Result? They disrupted public services vandalizing at least a dozen trains and private vehicles.

The stir has spread across the nation, and celebrities now deliver their opinion through social media. The states where Agneepath Scheme Protest took place include big states of India like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Telangana, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Punjab.  

What’re people not liking about Agneepath Scheme?

agnipath scheme protest

  • Alright, the Agneepath scheme protest is going on for several reasons. One of the major issues is the tenure of service.
  • The recruitment processwill be done as usual. But the Agniveer age limit relaxation has been reduced under the selection criteria. Earlier the age limit was 17.5 to 21 years, but later on, the upper age limit was extended to 23 years. Some categories still do not approve of this decision.
  • The third Agneepath scheme issue is the fixed salary package which is Rs. 30,000 in the first year and 40,000 Rs. in the fourth year.
  • Once the service is over, the army soldiers will not be eligible to entertain benefits like pension, CSD facilities, and other allowances.
  • Out of 46,000 recruits, there are only 11,500 personnel who will be recruited permanently. To qualify for a permanent position, they will have to undergo an assessment from time to time.
  • The unfit ones will be relieved from the defence divisions.   

Agnipath Scheme Protest Outcome

agnipath scheme outcome

Many individuals in various fields offer their own perspectives on the Agnipath Scheme. The BJP’s National Secretary Y Satya Kumar tweeted a photo of Indian Defense Service bosses praising the Agnipath plan. He inquired whether they should put their faith in the Army Chiefs or “those against modernization who never permitted our forces to advance?”

“The government’s policy changes are acceptable,” wrote another Twitter user, “but the government has a poor track record in assessing the mood of youth and would need a comprehensive continuous process to implement. They would also develop a new recruitment method here by the administration, which is wrong since it is cash from the opposition.”

Over 500 protestors ransacked and attacked the BJP office in Madhepura; one user stated that he stood firm with BJP Bihar because of the unrest. “But I ask you not to use bulldozer politics against the protesters as the BJP did in Delhi, UP, and MP for particular community protestors,” he added.

Other Public Disorders after an outburst of Agneepath Scheme Protest

Disruption in Indian Railways Service

agnipath scheme protest

Hundreds of passengers were stranded after hundreds of trains on an average per day were canceled by the Railways owing to protests against Agnipath, leaving many unable to acquire flights due to high fares. On Monday, the Railways announced that it had cancelled 587 trains due to the Agneepath Scheme protest.

On Sunday, it had suspended 483 trains and 369 on Saturday owing to the protests, and demonstrators set some train cars on fire. The most damaged region was the Eastern Central Railway, headquartered at Bihar’s Hajipur and made up of Sonpur, Samastipur, Danapur, Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay, and Dhanbad divisions.

Blocked Highway in Thane

agnipath scheme outcomes

On Monday, NCP’s youth organization members staged a “rasta roko” or road blockade in Thane city to protest against the Center’s “Agnipath” military recruitment program. The protesters intruded upon traffic for around half an hour by squatting on a key highway.

Agnipath Scheme Advantages

agnipath scheme advantages

In response to Agneepath Scheme Protest, news media uncovered some recent advantages.

1. 25% of staff to be retained: The greatest advantage of this plan is that up to 25% of military personnel will be kept on. That implies hundreds of thousands of people will eventually get stable employment.

2. Experience and financial backing: The Agniveers who will not be retained will get real-world experience serving the military. They will undoubtedly become more disciplined and competent due to their service. Not only that, these individuals will have an endowment worth Rs 12 Lakhs – they may use it to start their own business or for further education.

3. Priority in recruitment at state forces: Another major advantage for ‘Agniveers’ will be a priority in securing employment with the state government’s security forces. Many states have now given their approval. Furthermore, the Agniveers will receive a certificate known as the ‘Agniveer Kaushal’.

4. Priority in recruitment at CAPF and Assam Rifles: The government has already stated that Agniveers will be given preference when applying for the CAPS and Assam Rifles posts.

5. More and more people will get a chance to serve the nation: The government has maintained that more and more individuals will be able to serve the nation through the Agneepath program. Recruits will join the military every four years, increasing the average age from 32 to 26 years.  

Agneepath Scheme Disadvantages

agnipath scheme disadvantages

The following disadvantages are the main reasons behind the Agneepath Scheme protest.

  1. The candidates will only work for four years under the Agneepath Scheme.
  2. Candidates who do not make the final cut after the training will be assigned to a separate department where they will have to leave their current employment.
  3. There will be no pension for the person designated during the Agneepath Scheme 2022.
  4. The government Seva Nidhi Scheme will pay the Agniveers more than 11 lakh after four years, with some of the funds being subtracted from their monthly salaries.
  5. The non-commissioned ranks, such as Sepoy, Naik, and Lance Naik, will be filled exclusively through recruitment.
  6. Only persons over 17.5 to 23 are eligible for this job opportunity.
  7. There is no job security, as the individuals will again become unemployed after four years of service.
  8. No special or basic perks will be given to the applicant, as there are other government positions.

So there are several reasons why there is an Agneepath Scheme protest going on, and one has an idea when it will end. But, there’s one thing for sure, the government plans to stay rigid in its decision. The ultimate goal of this scheme is to strengthen India’s military backup.  

Indian Army announced Agnipath Recruitment 2022.

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