WB Biotech Development Corporation Limited (WBBDCL)

Regional Biotech Hub

The concept of Regional Biotech Hubs (RBH) was envisaged to encourage people of West Bengal, especially the youth, for start-ups and entrepreneurship development, through different biotechnological interventions. RBHs were planned to be set up at different agro-climatic zones of West Bengal to promote biotechnology as a scope of self-employment and better livelihood, also to provide impetus to biotech related activities specific to these regions and for deeper engagement with the people of the region and thus transfer the benefits of biotechnology based initiatives for reshaping their lives. Department has planned to establish two RBHs – one in Kalimpong in the first phase and another in Durgapur in the second phase. The RBHs would be operated under the umbrella of the Apex Biotech Park at Kolkata, i.e. Kolkata Biotech Park.

The structure of proposed Biotech Hubs has been planned with a good blend of interactive environment of modular laboratories, ready to use facilities as well as integrated instrumentation cum analytical facilities to attract investments in the area of biotechnology which would become precursor to overall development of Biotechnology Industry in the State. The RBHs would provide a common platform for industry to collaborate with academia for technology adoption, scale-up and commercialization. Broadly, RBHs would provide facilities for interface of research with industry towards better utilization of technology and available bio-resources.

The following aspects were considered for finalizing the thrust areas:

Kolkata | Capital Of West Bengal