The erstwhile Department of Biotechnology, Government of West Bengal was created in July 2006, became operational in 2007-2008 and was followed by establishment of the West Bengal Biotech Development Corporation Ltd. (WBBDCL) in 2009. In the year 2017, Department of Biotechnology merged with two other Departments: Department of Higher Education and Department of Science & Technology and came under a single umbrella of Dept. of Higher Education, Science & Technology and Biotechnology (DHESTBT, GoWB). In 2018, Science & Technology and Biotechnology separated from DHESTBT and formed the Department of Science & Technology and Biotechnology (DSTBT, GoWB).

As biotechnology is a frontline area of science, this branch aims to amalgamate science, biotechnology and entrepreneurship for the immediate and long term benefit of the society. With such vision, the Biotechnology Branch of DSTBT has taken up various activities in West Bengal covering mainly, (a) Scientific Research and Development in the State, (b) Promotion of Biotechnology& Capacity Building and (c) Rural Biotechnology. WBBDCL has also been active in order to achieve the departmental objectives in a befitting manner.

The main objectives of the Biotechnology Branch include the following:


Research Internship Programme in Biotechnology based – Science & Engineering (RISE Programme)

In West Bengal Post Graduate students of Bio-sciences in most of the Universities are expected to undertake a practical training for 2-3 months (for some organizations, it may include an entire semester), as a part of their curriculum. However, in most organizations, students simply do a literature survey as part of their training and remain ill equipped. This translates into their theoretical knowledge not being adequately supplemented by practical ‘hands on’ experience which limits their employability as individuals with practical skills are accorded higher priority.

It is important that the Department considers addressing this lacuna by empowering the future generations of biotechnologists in West Bengal with opportunities to gain a laboratory based experience. Department of Science & Technology and Biotechnology, Government of West Bengal conducts an academic programme entitled ‘Research Internship in Biotechnology based - Sciences and Engineering (RISE Programme) to encourage talented students to consider Biotechnology based research and innovation as a career option. This programme provides practical training to selected students, who are pursuing Post Graduate degree in any field of Biotechnology based Bio-Sciences from Universities/Colleges accredited to a University in West Bengal. The aim is to provide students hands-on access to high end instruments like Real Time Thermocycler, Fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC), High pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), Flow Cytometry, Confocal Microscopy, Gas chromatography, Mass spectrophotometry, DNA sequencer and so on.

Introduced in the year 2015, around 140 students have been provided the fellowship to pursue the internship. This year, 37 students will be provided the training.

The participating research institutions:

Student’s eligibility criteria:

● Should be pursuing a PG degree (M.Sc/ M.Tech/ M.VSc/ MBBS etc.) in any field of Biotechnology based Bio-Sciences from a college accredited to any State funded University of West Bengal.
● A minimum of 55% or equivalent in aggregate at the undergraduate level is essential.
● Willing to work full time for minimum 2 months.
● The student will in consultation with a research guide submit a short research proposal within 1000 words.

Guide’s eligibility criteria:

● Should be a permanent faculty in any field of Bio-sciences in any of the Research Institutions listed below.
● Should agree to provide training in usage of high-end biotechnology based instruments as a component of the grant proposal (that will be submitted by the student in consultation with the guide).

Details guidelines and application format will be available only after advertisement of the RISE Programme.

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