Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing Cell

The Science and Technology Department of the Government of West Bengal was set up in 1988. The State Remote Sensing Centre of the State of West Bengal was established under Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of West Bengal in 1990, subsequently it has renamed as Geoinformatics & Remote Sensing Cell.

Through Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems the Department plays an exceptionally important role in providing state-of-the-art tools and documents to assist Government Departments and Agencies in improving their planning execution and monitoring process.

Some of the Projects activities in this sector are undertaken in partnership with the National Remote Sensing Centre, Indian Space Research Organization of the Government of India, Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, Different line Departments of the State Government and other State and National Organizations.


● To generate spatial database (map) on Land and Water Resources from multi-season satellite images and integration of non-spatial data in conjunction with the socio-economic data in GIS platform to satisfy the growing needs of the various Departments of the State

● To provide consultancy and Advisory services on RS, GIS & GPS to other state Govt. Departments/Organizations.

● To participate and carry out collaborative ventures of National interest launched by State/Central Government.

● Conducts training programmes, Workshop/Seminar in the application field of Geoinformatics

Major Application Fields :

● Map/database on Land resources

● Map/database on Surface & Ground Water resources

● Disaster Management - Disseminating Near Real Time information of flood to State administrations based radar data from NRSC, DOS.

● Map/database for Environmental Planning

● Map/database for Urban planning

● Map/database for Rural planning

● Drought Mitigation Programme - Field level implementation in drought prone districts

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